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I need a duo q partner please

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for the love of god, please some one who has a brain play this game with me to get out of elo hell. right at the start of the 2nd season i got my elo up to i believe a 1389, one game away from 1400. then i lost every game for 3 days straight, right to 1170 elo. now im back up to 1303, and then back to 1238. every single person i play with seems to have the brain capacity of a small child.

if you're serious about wanting to get your elo UP then please add me in game and we can play some normals to see if we work well together.

my in game name is : imLnbeastmode

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Junior Member


I swear i just posted the exact same message, i need a player that i can rely on to do well so that i know at least 2 people on the team know whats going on

ign: Idontnagotiate

ill add you