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Shell Shock-Looking for a Team

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Go SheLLShock

About Our Team

SheLLshock focuses on bringing together active, competent players that are also good, success-

driven people. We are a "serious fun" group of people that enjoy playing hard and

overcoming challenges, and then kicking back, joking around, and enjoying each other's

company. A healthy sense of humor is a must. Most of us are killing, but we do have

some outliers on each side.

However, we don't waste our time on those that continue to be lazy or stupid. So if you are

new to gaming or are an experienced player, that's okay as long as you are willing to put

in effort to improve your skill and teamwork.

What Were Looking for

-Must be over the age Of 12 And Mature

-Looking for good personality not a downer

-And must have a Skype with a mic

-Must have Steam too with one of our games

-Must be able to play 2hrs a day or more

-Must play through eastern time 3:00-5:00pm

-Must play three time a week other kick from group

-Friday Mandatory must show up at 3:30pm eastern time

-Willing to put some work in the team like posting battle

What we Expect

-No Racism

-No talking behind others back

-And no Hacking or Making fun of others

-And Must be on PC for 3 hrs In Eastern Time USA

-Must Speak English

To Contacts Us

My League of Legend Ign:Kuilla
And Leave a comment on here your Skype and Steam name and will get back to you and see if your good

Copy and Paste Our Application

Ethnic group:

P.S summary must be one sentence

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Come on people looking for members