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LF for team

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I can play the role support pretty good now ive been doing support ever since i was lv 20 now im 30 and i feel i have what it takes.
i play every single support exept alistar and i do practice to make my supports better.
lately ive been doing alot of soraka and taric in ranked.

i have vent and mic and im on every single day( no life QQ)
so yea i can play with the best of them.

i have beeen in go4lol tourney on Sundays but my other teams dont have what it takes.

Hit me up at cryinxx ingame or leave a post on the forum and ill get back to u <3 ^_^

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Junior Member


Hi there,
I'm looking for a support player for a team. Feel free to add me in game if you're interested.
IGN: mgclmnky