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-AiA-/-G2B- Is now recruiting, new clan.

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RF Immunji



I am making a new clan. Now as most of you think when you see this, "alright screw this forum" I'm actually trying to start it up and get it going. My main account's clan tag is G2B, or good to be, as my name is King. My other account level 15 is AiA, or All in Assassins. I will go with either as long as you join and give me an opinion on which you prefer, I am trying to get a good team together that's serious so we can eventually do ranked. I plan on having practices (custom games) just to get better with champs or figure out a good laning/team comp. I'm not some hardass looking for adults only or 1600+ ELO or anything, if you're good you're good. But you must prove it. Contact me if you hav any other questions or thoughts, I also have some real life friends that are also my age, 17-18, that play and are very good. I may also have N0Oblike join, or his new name RF Legendary as he is my good friend in rl also. thanks a ton.