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1300+ AP Carry/Jungle/Ranged AD LF 5s Team

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Was 1300+ in season 1, looking for a 5s team. I'm 23 years old, can be on after 7pm CST til about 11pm. I main AP Carry but I can also Jungle and AD Carry very well. I'll list champs that I play below. I have Mumble, Vent, and Skype as well as headset with working mic. Really just looking for a team that likes to have fun and prefers to win but doesn't trip if we lose. Hit me up in game IGN: Kriix, or leave one here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I also have a friend that plays amazing support as Taric, Soraka, Alistar and Sona that is looking for a team as well.

AP Carry:
Vlad, Malz, Kass, Cass, Annie, Akali, Brand and others, these are my best.

WW, Xin, and Irelia. (working on Olaf and will be attempting Lee Sin soon)

Randed AD Carry:
Vayne, Ashe, and MF.