Pings, Warnings, Fall Back Etc.

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I'm in a video game writing class currently and I'm working on a paper analysis of LoL. I plan on focusing on how the options to warn other members on the mini map contribute to promoting teamwork. So it would be a great help if all you LoL strategic masters could answer the following questions for me:

- What are the advantages of the mini map (in your opinion)?
- How do you use the mini map during a normal game?
- When would you use it? Why?
- Have you ever played a game in which the team rarely used warnings (pings)? What was the result?
- Do you think the options available on the mini map create teamwork?
- If the mini map options weren't there, how do you think the team would do versus having it?

Thanks guys!

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- A quick overview on the various activities on the map (eg, big objectives, how lanes are faring, where ganks are occuring etc.)
- To keep tabs of how my teamates are doing and to instantly blink to watch portions of the map
- Always use it, because sometimes you cant see everything on the big screen, and you may catch a glimpse of an enemy signalling a gank occurring somewhere, that your ally may not have
- Nope, pings were always used, mostly for audio warnings and indications of where to go or not
- Hell yes, because the audio cues are more stimulating than visual, when you;re focussed on last hitting etc.
- Well, the chat log would be used a lot more, and points towards more written communication, but its less effective if you need to get messages across in the heat of battle

Hope your paper comes out well! (I am not a master of the game, but played it enough to know how important teamwork and that little map is)