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LF 3v3 and 5v5 Premade S1

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Hello there fellow LoL'ers. With the coming of Season 1 my interest is peaked a bit for LoL. A friend of mine and I are looking for 1 more for a dedicated 3v3 setup, and a few more potentials for a 5v5 setup; as I am sure most of you are as well.

Both he and I have experience ranging all the way back from Dota and it's early versions. However he and I both quit around the time Tauren Chieftain and Firebat came out for it. We moved to HoN, and play that more for fun right now since the game balance there isn't too great at the moment. My personal experience in HoN is a tad more than Dota, and it carries over greatly to LoL.

Both he and I have access to ventrilo and are located on the West Coast of the US. Our play times are flexible however and workable around our teammates. We are looking for level 21+ summoners to join us in the upcoming season. If you are interested, feel free to post here with any questions you may have for us, or for the team in general and I can answer them.

Questions can be from anything about me (nothing too personal hehe) to questions about team composition. English is of course required as well as Ventrilo. We ourselves don't have a server so aren't capable of providing a vent, but are capable none the less. If you are interested you can also add me in game for questions on 'Seiyaru'. Thank you for your time!