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Veigar - Not a(bottom tier)short joke!

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I'm tired of seeing posts that put Viegar in the bottom tier of useful champs. He is definately not the most dominate player but is he viable, because of his burst dmg. I've seen a few builds on Vieg, but none of which I feel give him the best chance against his biggest crutch, Survivability.

I'm not gunna write down all of his skills but if you want an great indepth guide go here. The best guide for Veig is this one. Roku has great insight on the little guy.

www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=14906 (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=14906)


Although I prefer flat runes for Viegar because he is most fragile early on. I feel like they only truely give you a boost in early game and end up not being a factor in the late game.

Red- Magic Pen

Yellow- MP5 or HP5 your choice

Blue- AP or CD%

Quint- I use 2 AP and 1 CD%

Summoner Abilities:

I find myself over and over again blowing both of my cooldowns to escape death, but 1 less death is definately worth it. These are a few I have found to work.

Yes Abilities:


Great for chasing and running away. Necessary for Vieg and so useful when combined with flash.


Usually my most chosen ability. Great for escaping as well as chasing, but there is a problem with it! Apparently its going to be gone in an upcomming patch. So I've been changing them up so I can practice with other abilities.


Always good for debuffs/slowing effects. Great when used in a combo with Ghost.


Its useful early, but sucks late game. Its great for an OH-*$%& moment but will only really be viable in the first 6 Levels.


I cant tell you how many times I have gotten kills when someone tower dives. No one seems to get this skill anymore and I think its a shame.


Good if you constantly die. I used to use a lot but its not my style.


not my cup of tea, some people sware by it though.


Good if you pick up the Mastery talent, not incredible though.

My fav builds:


Highly suggest the first two.



Ignite is great on champs that can chase and do sustained dmg like Ashe, Yi, ect, but Viegar is not that kind of champ. Don't waste your ability on a meh offensive ability.


This is only useful at the end of the game when enemy is in your base. Most teams have already given up hope so i suggest differently.


So fail.


Not for Vieg



Build your masteries around which abilities you pick. If you use Exhaust, put a point into it, if you grab ghost, make sure its talented.

It should be pretty self explanitory to take all of the Mana talents, and cooldown reduction talents. My biggest pet peeve is when kids pick up greed...


1 Gold every 10 seconds = 6 gold in a minute. In a game that lasts ~30 mins that is 180 Gold. That is enough to buy one Faerie Charm or 2.5 Health pots. You be the judge and tell me how that helps.


1. Q
2. E
3. Q
4. E
5. Q
6. R
7. Q
8. E
9. Q
10. Q or W
11. R
12. Q or W
13. W
14. W
15. E
16. R
17. W
18. E

The whole point of this build is to maximize DMG through Baeful and help your teammate with stuns from Event Horizon. Dark Matter is a complete skill shot, and even the best viegars wont hit with it 100% of the time. It is very hard to lure people into it without a decent stun. I've found that it is very easy to stun with E then cast W immediately behind the champ. This is because a players first instinct when stunned is to run the other way.

90% of the time with this tactic you can hit with Dark Matter. If you are lucky enough to do this once or twice to a champ, they will realize your method and instead of running away they run at you. Thats when you blast them with your Q then R ability.

Item Build:

There are 2 or 3 different builds I've been successful with. I try and build across instead of directly up a build. I'm always open to suggestions.

Mana Manipulator
Amp Tome
Giant's Belt
Soul Shroud
Merc Treds or Sorcs upgrade
Blasting Wand To Zhonya's

With my build, you pick up things essential for Viegar. Speed, Ability Power, and Survivability. Seadily increase your AP by last hitting minions with Q and make sure to harass.

Do not initiate a gank, use your partener because most likely he is less squishy.

Pick up Health pots along the way.

So you may be asking yourself, "WTF SOUL SHROUD?!1?" I have a reason...

Most people get Rod of Ages becuase it gives you everything Viegar could need, but takes a long time to build, AND THEN it takes another 15 mins to be used to its full potential. Lets say you are doing really well and get Rod of Ages 10 mins into the game (which is a huge stretch mind you). by 25 mins into most games, either one team or another has shown dominance and usually have downed most if not all of the towers. At that point, 100 HP will not make a big difference for Vieg.

It really throws people off when they see Viegar has 1200 HP at level 10. Trust me, people will try to gank you and fail.

As a general rule I try and get at least 50 AP by level 5 and 10AP per level there after.

This is not very hard when combined with Runes, Minion kills and a kill or assist with Mejai's.

@ level 15, you could have as much as 250 AP if you keep from dying.

Early Game: 1-8

Be careful about harassing too much. Make sure to stay far enough back so that you can be a threat and last hit minions but close enough to go for a gank. You have incredible range with your Stun so use it to your advantage.

This is the most crucial time for viegar because it is when you are the weakest. You need to be passive and extremely careful not to over-extend because a few too many deaths early screws up Mejai's and the whole build is shot.

Mid: 8-14

This is where you really build your ability power. At level 10, you should be able to 2 hit most sqishy chars no problem with a Q>E>Q>R combo. becareful not to

End: 14-18

At this point I have more AP than any other champs on the board and all of my moves if they hit are devestating.

Final thoughts:

No one has the keys to victory and some games are tougher than other for Vieg especially if you die too many times in the begging. Veigar is not a tank, don't play him like one.

KK thats it, If I missed something or you think my build is "teh suck", comment.