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LvL 30 LF Clan

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350+ Wins

Looking for steady team to play with maybe do some tourneys. Have a wide range of toons im extremely effective with.

Master Yi
Kennen (Big time favorite of mine, play a mean ken)

Are among my top. Have several rune pages DPS/Tank and almost done with my AP rune page only need about 800 more IP. Currently own just about every toon with the exception of a few expensive ones and the newest toon. Well rounded player that does't mind playing with new or seasoned vets. Even my losing games my score is usually 3-1 ratio.

Feel free to add me or post on here. Would love to get into tourney play. Been playing this since the beta.


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Obsidian Enigma

Senior Member


Oh that sounds nice. A well rounded player with a large selection. So I'm from Tribe, http://www.tribeguild.info/ is our website. You can find our recruit thread here somewhere, I've been bumping it lately, so it's always on the first page. We have a team trial going on atm, so if you are interested, pop over to the site to join. On the same note, we also take casuals in, so if it's fun or competitions, we've got it. If you got any questions, I'm usually online most of the day, just PM me or drop a post on this thread or our recruitment one. I check them often. I'm Obsidian Enigma, and I hope to see you soon.