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[Mini Guide] cho'gath jungling.

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Its possible even without an optimal rune/mastery setup to easily jungle with cho'gath.

Why it works:
cho'gath gains hp each time a creep dies. Vorpal spikes does a decent amount of dps for no mana cost at low levels. Rupture reduces damage taken by a small portion.

Starting summoner/item setup:
Smite + Heal. The starting items being cloth armour and 5 hp pots.

Skill build:
skill priority: ult, vorpal spikes, rupture, feral scream

Go to golem camp first, once your level 2 you can do any other camp except for the lizard camp. Do that around 3/4 when you have smite up for it (dont need the heal). Jungling with vorpal spikes at level 1 is simple. Make sure to position yourself that vorpal spikes hit all targets. Once the main targets hp is low enough that vorpal spikes aoe would kill it swap targets to the target with the highest hp. Use smite on the golem, start using a hp pot early on and heal when necessary. After level 2 open up using rupture. For melee camps start off not from melee range to make it so it takes the creeps 2 seconds to actually get into melee range (meaning you take less damage before the next rupture is up). However this tactic doesnt really matter that much.

Returning to base:

It isnt necessary to return to the base, but you could return to buy new items. Something like making the armour/hp 5g/10 sec recipe or buying boots and usually buying hp pots.

Performance without optimal mastery/runes:

This will usually get you to level 6 in 7-8 mins (other jungle champs when minmaxed can do it around 5-7 mins based on what people say) and let you solo the dragon at level 6 just barely (always kill it but with less than 10% hp left).

Improvements through runes/mastery:

Now to make the jungling more efficient you could go armour runes and AS runes (improves vorpal spikes). For mastery you can try a few options. like the typical AP 21/0/9 or 9/0/21 or even a really custom mastery like: 13/2/15
1/1 plentiful bouny
4/4 archmage savy
4/4 sorcery
4/4 alacrity
1/1 archaic knowledge
2/3 hardiness
1/3 good hands
3/3 perseverance
4/4 awareness
1/1 greed
3/3 meditation
3/3 quickness
(some of the above selections barely help in jungling).

Issues compared to other jungling champs:
- bit slower leveling than other jungle champs, assuming it does really take less than 6 minutes to get to 6 with others (havent timed them and just going by what people state)
- if you bump into an enemy fiddle. he might pose a threat if your rupture misses. The rest of the champs will not pose as much of a threat. However Im not sure who will do better in 1v1 cause its too dependent on many variables (e.g. starting hp, skillshots...).

Benefits of jungling:
Its extremely dependent on if you would have solo laned or not and if your enemies were both going to be ranged that could harass you, so some of these are "possibilities".
-possibly more gold.
-possibly faster leveling.
-2 team members get to solo lane. Meaning that overall as long as most players are competent that 3 players will be at level 6 on your team, while its only true for one player on the opposing team.
-You can surprise gank people who are not expecting a level 6 cho'gath to suddenly appear close to them and do massive amounts of damage(rupture+feast)

Downside of jungling:
-There is a massive downside which will occur often if you solo queue. One team mate might be the type that falls prey to the ambushes and since you're not around to reduce the risk of him feeding in the first 2-3 minutes (assuming you rush to help him afterwards) the enemy champs will have a large advantage in that lane.
-Less harassment pressure on opponents in early game, since your not harassing them and less push strength at first.

If anyone has advice on tweaks to improve the jungling performance the info would be appreciated, e.g. stuff that is really different like getting AS item instead of cloth armour or change in runes/mastery or a specific item to buy at a certain point between level 2-6 that I haven't mentioned. All of which I didnt really experiment with.

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I've found jungling with cho'gath to be really easy.. if you've got a full page of static +armor runes, it doesn't really matter what item you buy, you can do it even with boots and potions. i'd not recommend it, i'd say get a rejuvination bead and 2-3 potions (or cloth armor), so after you clear all the creep you can buy a madred's and go kill the dragon (7:48 dragon kill = )