corki in 3s

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why dont more people play corki in 3s? from what i have experienced most ranged ad champs get crushed by the 2/3 enemy bruisers, but corki can jump through walls. he has deceptive burst aoe damage with his qer combo and rips through enemy armor. the way i build him is arp reds, armor yellows, mr blues, and either flat hp or flat damage quints. in games i go 2-3 dorans blades, merc treads or ninja tabi, trinity, then mainly defense so i am not that squishy and still pose a threat. i am not saying that he is the best champ especially for 3s, just advising to take another look before putting him at the bottom of the barrel.

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Saint Foxx

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The problem with most AD carries in 3's is that they require too much farm to be of use in a gold lacking environment. The strongest toons in 3's have the strongest early games or superior harass.

Corki is by all means not the worst, RIGHT NOW, but with the normalization of his gatling gun in the upcoming patch, he's losing his biggest handle against bruisers. Being able to jump walls is a nice feature, but there are others that can do it as well.

Certain AD carries are still going to be better however from a damage aspect by not needing too much farm to hurt. Take Vayne for example. She's got a pin that deals extra damage and a stun if the target hits a wall. TT is nothing but thin lanes and walls, so that lone ability sets her (and poppy) apart from everyone, On top of her silver bolts which deal wicked damage on the third hit even if she's just stacking doran's blades.

Corki just doesn't have the right utility for TT. He's got the harass, but lacks the early game damage and harass. He can easily be zoned before he hits lvl 6, and that can make all the difference in a game of 3's