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Dom. Team "World Famous" open for select few.

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"World Famous" is looking for 2 people to win with in both upcoming ESL tournaments and ranked when it comes out.

We don't have any specific roles to fill because Dominion is new and there is room for a lot of experimentation.

What we want
1. Experience. in a fast-paced, point-capture style environment of gameplay. (e.g. WoW rated BG's comes to mind.) We want excellent players.

2. Creativity. You should not be content to fill a job and then methodically do that job until the end of time. Push the boundaries. Instead of waiting for the opponent to mess up to win, we want to create the opportunities to win.

3. Reliability. This applies both to game play and to practicing. We're looking for people to win a lot so it's not going to happen over night.

4. Communication. You don't have to be a chatterbox, but mic and skype are required and you must use it. Instant vocal communication offers too many advantages not to be taken advantage of.

What we offer:
1. Leadership. This isn't going to be a team of people that plays an entire game in silence while losing and then makes no effort to improve effort. I will personally make sure we are prepared with a game plan. However, I would this to evolve into a collective effort. This is a team after all.

2. Strategy. We've got a lot of good ideas and some of them look promising and have worked well. I'm not going to go over them here however.

3. Promotion. We're going to be entered in as many tournaments as possible. Two of us will stream on a regular basis as well.

Send me a message in game or here if you are interested. We are looking to have a finalized roster by the end of the week so get in fast. This is a serious team looking for serious competition.

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