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How many Riot Points have you purchased?

None 128 26.02%
650 14 2.85%
1380 35 7.11%
2800 48 9.76%
5000 48 9.76%
Above 5000 219 44.51%
Voters 492 .

Are you supporting Riot?

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I want to buy RP, but there's nothing to spend it on currently but IP/EXP boosts which I don't really really want. So I'm waiting till they released extra rune pages/mastery pages and will gladly buy the **** out of those.

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Senior Member


I'm pretty sure I'm in the 5000 range. I can't remember exactly how much though. I bought Kayle the other day since I had some RP laying around. That purchase got my RP total back down to 0.