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Team LF Committed Players 1500+

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In game name: Blakhart

I'm had a top rating of 1289 so far, tried to bring myself up to a higher elo last season, I had terrible elo, but got it to nearly 1200 on my own.
I've been playing since a bit after last christmas, and I make guides on MOBAfire, some of which are in the top 10.
I work well with others as both leader and follower, and I play to win, if I make a mistake, i own up to it, and change.

As for my roles, I can perform any of them well.
My best strongest ranked role is support. I mainly play Sona, or Soraka, and am currently mastering Taric and Alistar. If there's another champion I should learn, I will do so and master them.

My next strong suit is Tank. My best champion is Malphite, followed closely by Amumu.

I have watched streams, and players from both NA and EU server.
Am asking for an audition.


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In Game Name (Main) : Luckster
Most Competent Role : All, i can play all roles at a very high level. My favorite roles would have to be Solo Top, or Solo Mid though.
Elo : 1548 Season 1 1435, and Rising Pre-Season 2

What is your competitive experience:
As leader of Team oGaming:
3rd - NESL - Go4LoL #10
3rd - Darkwill 5v5 Tournament
2nd - I-COG 5v5 Tournament
2nd - Jee Sports NA Cup #3
2nd - Jee Sports NA Cup #2

Any additional info:
I would like to try out to be a substitute(For now atleast until my job lets down. I can still play almsot every day/weekdand.).
I also have 2 more lvl 30 Accounts.

Add me in LoL or Message me back here if u want to try me out.

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In Game Name (Main) : andygq
Most Competent Role : bruiser top
Elo : 1533

League of Legends Competitive Experience (Area to present yourself) :

I haven't played LoL competitively yet but I believe I'm good enough to.
Multiple times gladiator in WoW.
Rank 1 masters league in SC2 in season 1 (before GM league was out).