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Mundo, still my tank.

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i don't think Echo7 has ever TIRED mundo.

and mundo kills turrets just fine.

With that build? The only thing saving you is the Phantom Dancer from being completely and totally irrelevant. As is you're still looking at a 13k gold build that is completely dependent upon you not being terrible at progressing and farming.

And you're still irrelevant if you don't get the Zeal and the Cloak quickly. As in right after you get the Giant's Belt for the Sunfire at the latest, which would be your first buy after boots/SV if you're trying to stack HP and also not suck during mid game.

But I can go ahead and guess you rush one of those completed HP items first instead of just grabbing a Belt then going for a Zeal and Cloak, then the second Belt before completing the first completed HP item. Why? Because that would be what someone with very, very little practical experience and knowledge would do. Which building Mundo in that manner shows you to be exactly.

13k builds are great on paper, but on average you're looking at a 6-9k build. And lets tell you, if you're not buying attack speed and critical chance quickly, you're going to be ignorable.

Even with that build.... You're slightly better at killing towers than a super creep due to increased attack speed. But without ArPen and additional AD, you're still ignorable compared to wiping your team who is fighting 4v5 with you building that way.

And LoL? http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=51570

Yeah. I'm the one with experience and analysis in my favor. You're the terribad scrub with a bad build, bad logic and bad math.

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Tank Mundo = Facepalm