Got an idea on cursor bug...

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And would like some help testing and replicating it.

Here is what I have noticed personally..

I notice it most frequently at the bottom blue side tower, and then the bottom purple side tower next. All other towers rarely, if ever, experience it.

A habit I have with those two bottom towers is that when scrolling to them, I bring my mouse to the bottom right hand corner (the part of the minimap that touches the edge of the screen).

At this corner I personally notice my mouse can go "off the screen"

Normally, it comes back fine and normal when returning it to the screen. However, when it passes over a tower in that manner, it usually disappears.

From this, I think I know what causes the issue. The root cause of the disappearing mouse is the icon change you get when putting the cursor over a non-friendly tower, in combination with the mouse being "off the screen".

I believe I have had this bug when rolling over enemies minions, middle buff, and enemy champions as well. Simply put, anything that causes a cursor change CAN cause the bug to go into effect if the mouse is even partially off the screen.

I got to go to work soon, but I plan to test this theory some more, and am looking to others to help.

I personally play in full screen, usually something running in the background, sometimes tabbed, some times not. Programs range from Skype, Windows media player, LoLreplay, and google chrome,

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Riot should add in a "single cursor" option that when selected, flushes the cache and forces the game to not load any new cursors other than the default.

It would probably be a working workaround (yo dawg) until the root cause with the ATI mobile cards is discovered.