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Jungle Udyr- How do you do it?

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Senior Member


just a few questions-

what is the fastest path? (ganking)
what runes should i take?
what items?
what skill build?
what masteries?

thats about it

thanks guys

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l Artemis l

Senior Member


ive have around 2100 games played so i wouldnt say im really really good but im pretty ok with udry since ive won a lot of games with jungle udyr but u sheild go phoenix stance when jungling and i go armor seal, armor pen marks, mr glyphs and ms quens. If u want the fastest route, get someone to help you with wolfs and by the time u finish with the wolfs, u go blue buff and get a leash and ull be able to finish ur whole jungle before they get to red.
Skill order would be phoenix, turtle, phoenix, bear, phoenix, turtle, bear, phoenix and then max ur phoenix after that
getcloth armor for starting item and 5 pots.
get boots of speed and then finish wriggles and then get merc treads, and then the rest of the items depends on their team
but if u have anymore questions just add TKO Heptic