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Help w Rammus

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Can't say that I agree with much of what's posted above.

Just to counter some points...

1. I read somewhere that DBC still returns damage on dodge, I believe this was tested in one of the Rammus guides. At the moment, I'm having trouble finding it and I leave for work in ten minutes. Once I do, I'll come back and post here. Regardless, the point isn't *to do damage*... the point is *to survive.* Dodge helps with this. Also, dodge gives you nimbleness (from the defensive mastery tree), which increases your movement speed for a short time. Remember - you are SLOW outside of powerball.

2. The true point of Heart of Gold isn't that it gives you gold over time. The true point of Heart of Gold isn't that it gives you a small amount of armor and health, which you would have wanted anyways. The true point of Heart of Gold is that it builds into Randuin's Omen... which may as well be called Rammus' Omen.

3. Greed is not a good investment. 1 gold every 10 seconds = 6 gold a minute = 360 gold if the game lasts an hour. I've been trying greed out recently to test it, and it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. Most games are over by the 35ish minute mark, so you aren't getting anywhere close to 360 gold.

4. Don't always rush sunfire cape. Sometimes it's a good idea. Sometimes it's not.

Now to answer your question, with Rammus it all depends on the other team's composition. The only static things for me recently have been:

Start: Doran's Shield + 1 HP Pot
First trip: Heart of Gold and Boots 1
Towards the beginning of the game: Chalice of Harmony (no mana issues ever, slight MR, golem can go to a DPS)
Mid-to-end-game: Randuin's Omen (game changing in late team fights)

Everything after that is completely situational. You have to look at the other team. More importantly, you have to look at how they are building their champions. Don't assume that a particular champ is going AD or AP, just because that's how you almost always see them played. Actually look at the item builds going against you.

Heavy physical teams are well countered by: Ninja Tabi, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, etc.

Heavy caster teams are well countered by: Mercury Treads, Force of Nature, etc.

Balanced teams (most of what you will face): Aegis of the Legion, Guardian Angel

If you are dying easily as Rammus, the only thing I can say is that you are not building to counter the other team.

Good luck!

I can't agree more with everything said here. The one item though I think has been overlooked so far is Glacial Shroud. Although if you're running Randuin's Omen, I suppose you don't really need it, but the mana, armor, and huge CDR has helped me time and time again. With that, I haven't needed any mana regen items.

Also, in your early game - Powerball might as well be called Gankball. Coordinate with your team to pop out of the bushes at top speed, and slam someone for the kill. Rammus is INCREDIBLY good at making sure the target dies, and gives much needed kills to your carries. I've spent from level 4-12 running back and forth on the map, coordinating ganks, ultimately resulting in severely hampering the enemy team's early game, and making sure my carries get their much needed early kills. The one downside to this strategy is you may fall behind by a level or 2 - but the benefit to the entire team is much greater.

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1. I read somewhere that DBC still returns damage on dodge, I believe this was tested in one of the Rammus guides.

True but look at my items, I exploit thornmail as much as possible as well; which will not reflect on a dodge. Thornmail can add up HUGH against Physical carries, especially ones with AS items. That's all reflected PRE-reduction by armor to yourself. I've even tried dabbling with Magic Pen on this as well. It's ok but at the cost of survivability and usually just ends up in your getting too many kills rather than assists and gimps your DPSers late game.

Edit: And truthfully this build came about as a way to counter Twitch back in the day. Where a very good Twitch player could solo an entire team.

I've found it a very effective way to keep super dps players in check in hard games.

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I highly suggest 0-21-9 mastery and mana regen per level seals. If you can, get MR resist glyphs as well. for starting items i like to get boots of speed and 1 health and 1 mana pot. my first skills is defensive stance followed by power ball. then 1 more point into defensive stance before focusing on taunt. I go for sunfire as my first item and then randuins. After that, it depends on your enemies. As for summoner spells, i use cleanse and ghost, both improved.

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This is the guide that I was thinking of, which said that DBC and thornmail still proc'd on a dodge. As it was not confirmed by anybody, I'm actually going to be asking in another section of the forum.

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