Trolling: A Stone in the Jungle

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JW Vincent



He assured himself that he was moving fast enough, that his feet would carry him far enough, that the brush around him would hide him long enough, to survive this fateful encounter with the dark child. The singes across his skin still burned as he barreled head first through the edge of this patch of brush and dove toward the second. The might of Demacia stripped off a piece of his sleeve that still burned slightly, trying to reduce the amount of the dark child's magic would do. A heat at his back reminded Garen that Tibbers, the dark child's flaming shadow bear, was still hot on his tail.
A chill swept over the might of Demacia's body as he turned the next corner, hoping to confuse them by altering his path through the forest. Suddenly he ran headfirst into a massive icy rock, a pillar that arose as if from the earth itself. The Fields of Justice were full of such surprises, what occurred next upset the knight immensely. He blinked his eyes open, now lying flat on his back, and stared up at the summoner of the mighty pillar of ice.
There, leaning against the ice pillar with one hand, stood the Troll King Trundle. He grunted and smiled with jagged teeth down at the Demacian knight. His right hand held a club perched high in the air. The might of Demacia struggled after his sword but the club of ice fell down upon his blad in an instant, pinning both the sword and Garen's arm in place.
“Go ahead, Troll,” Garen shouted at the large blue creature, “Finish me off.”
Trundle chuckled, “Oh no, I'll have my chance Demacian. Right now, I'mma troll with the plan.”
Behind him Garen could hear light approaching footsteps, the sound of a small child skipping. Annie, the dark child, giggled as she came in range and saw Trundle with her adversary pinned down.
“Thank you Mr. Troll King,” she exclaimed as she raised her hands, gathering a massive fireball above her.
“Oh no, it was my pleasure Annie Hastur.”
Garen shrieked as his whole body was engulfed by Annie's incinerating flames. Trundle chuckled, withdrawing his club of True Ice from the first fire he had ever encountered that could damage the True Ice of Freljord.