Clawking-Death of void

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Clawking-Death of void

pasive..Deathspeed increses Clawkings Atack speed by 5% for 10 seconds each time deathclaw casts spell efect stack 6 times

Q-Clawrape:clawking swings his claws dealing demage to all untis infront of him dealing( u decide how much dmg)

W-Spiningdeath:Clawking spins for 4 seconds dealing(u decide how much dmg)and slowing enemy champions for 3 seconds

E-Deathleap Clawking Jumps on targeted enemy dealing(u decide how much dmg)and stuning them (increses by lvl maximum of 3 seconds)

R-Deathroar Clawking enrages him self becoming biger and stronger incresing his health and atack demage efect lasts lvl 6 15 seconds lvl 11 20 seconds lvl 18 30 seconds

he is Fighter

i gived all my best to create him hope u like it