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Kitchen, the Leaf Sprite

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Kitchen, the Leaf Sprite

Kitchen is a rather small leaf sprite wearing what seems to be a japanese esque shade and poncho both constructed from leaves. He has white hair and brandishes two rather petite swords, which float around his body

Alternate skins include:
Summer Kitchen: where Kitchen wears a knights helmet and thinks he can be a knight.

Winter Kitchen: An Evil Kitchen where his leaves are black and he radiates cruel energy

Health: Very Low
Attack: Very Low
Spells: Very Strong
Difficulty: Very Hard
Movement Speed: 360

Type: Support/ Assassin

Passive: Change of the seasons: Whever Kitchen uses a different ability he changes colour, and heals all allied units around him 3% of their total HP over 5 seconds. Able to stack up to 4 times.

(Q) Summer's Wrath: Kitchen Hurles both of his swords at his opponent in lethal positions one after the other, damaging everything in thier path but stopping on hit champions. Swords fire in a skillshot one after the other .5 seconds apart. Should one sword hit, it slows the hit character, should the second hit, it stuns them temporarily.

Changes to Green

Damage: 30/ 55/ 80/ 105/ 130 (+.3 AP)
Stuns for .5/ 1/ 1.5/ 2/ 2.5
Mana cost: 50/ 60/ 70/ 80/ 90

(W) Autumns Cunning: Kitchen transports himself with strange magic, becoming invisable, waiting for his chance to strike, or get in position to help a nearby ally for a short time. Kitchen flashes to target location within 500/ 500/ 550/ 550/ 600 and stealths for 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8 seconds gaining bonus' to movement speed.
Changes to Yellow
Mana Cost: 100

(E): Winter's Cruelty: Kitchen Drains the Target of health, regenerating his friends around him. Kitchen Fires a locking beam, dealing 60/ 90 / 120/ 150/ 180 per second (+.5 AP) for up to five seconds healing allied champions within range 30% of damage dealt. (.5 heal to minions)
Changes to Black
Range: 450
Mana: 50/ 70/ 90/ 110/ 130

(R) (Ultimate): Spring's Kindness: Kitchen Charges for 2.5 seconds and then reappears healing all nearby allied champions100/ 220/ 340 health per second for 5 seconds (+.8 AP) (.5 heal to minions)
Teleport range: global
Heal range: 400
Changes to White
Mana cost: 100 / 125 /150

Notes: Kitchen although being mobile healing to almost anywhere in the battle field is like glass. So much as a strong flick will send him in pieces across the battlefield. However, with his ability to slink away, and teleport long distances, he's a tough one to catch.

Recomended items would be increasing his survivability with items like banshees veil and crystal heart while increasing his AP with items like rabaddons. Other Items like Crystal scepter and items which do both would also be highly recommended.

As far as Kitchen being instant mobile support, he'd be generally used in the jungle, and used to turn the tude of team fights with his group healing skills. although the little sprite would attact heat quickly from a tank or dps. he is a ranged character, so never really has to see the deep heat of combat.


Champion selection: "Only for you, to prove my honour."

Jokes: "Look, when i move, i rustle"

Taunts: "What's green, with red all over?"

Walking: "Yes, sir."
"I'll be there in a breeze."

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Extra notes: With reletively quick cooldowns save his alt, with a little cooldown reduction perferred combo.

Q followed by W into position then E. Ult ahead of opponent/ reposition and heal using your own heal zone. to Q, W if needed then E for finish.

I like him, i think he's kinda origional. And a support assassin seems wierdly cool. He wouldn't be too compeditive. But he'd be fun to play. Hit flash and ignite as support spells and you have a MEANLY mobile little jumper. ^^

Also i liked his Ult. Pantheon has a global-ish attack teleport, why not a global healy teleport?