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Toa, the Ancient Fire.

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Being from Hawaii (although not Polynesian myself,) I'd figured that a Polynesian champion would be a nice touch, maybe with some cultural (coughstereotypescough) touches. So I conceived the idea of Toa.

Since Samoans are well known for their fighting ability, I designed Toa based around the role of a Bruiser. Better yet, almost every Samoan I see around enjoys volleyball, so why not make his weapon a sports ball, much like Wakka from Final Fantasy X? That said, Toa plays in an aggressive manner or a defensive manner, like a football player. While his range is weak for a ranged character, his damage output it noteworthy.

I have no sense of balance, so please bear with me on the skills (range and damage and whatnot). In fact, comments and feed back on that would help since it is my first time doing this <_>

The Ma'anso tribe was a long forgotten one. Long before the Rune Wars, they lived deep in the Plague Jungles, isolated from the other civilizations on Valoran. Much like the Rakkor, they lived for the thrill of competition. Sports now long forgotten by the rest of the world were practiced by every member of the tribe from an early age.

Toa was the greatest athlete amongst the whole tribe. While he never won every match in his life, Toa was known for his tenacious nature in the heat of competition. This is what made him so great, some would say. He sought only to become stronger. With each passing day, Toa realized that his tribe has nothing for him anymore. He had mastered every sport there was. What else could his tribe offer him?

Hearing ancient legends of a locked power in the Sablestone Mountains that once belonged to a tribal deity of fire, Toa ventured out to seek it and return to his tribe and share its secrets with them. He had traveled for days until he had found it in a cave: a glowing orb that gave off blazing embers, but was warm to the touch. When he had taken the orb, a violent earthquake had stirred. Something that shouldn't be in the hands of man was. The cave he was in collapsed and Toa was consumed in a brilliant light that came from the orb.

Centuries passed and the Ma'anso tribe passed with them, their sports taken with them. Toa remained sealed in the mountain, long forgotten as well. The powers of the orb kept him frozen in time, preserving his body until another earthquake had occurred. Toa was unsealed. He broke free of his mountain prison and found himself lost in this new world. Nothing was as it was before. Bewildered, Toa wandered about Valoran learning more about this future. Although he was saddened by the loss of his people, he was more distraught by the lack of sport. All there was was this League. Then it struck him. He would join the League to reintroduce the art of his people as well as to achieve newfound glory, all in the name of sport.

"I was worried I'd run out of challenges!" - Wukong, the Monkey King.

Stats: I really don't know yet. He has a relatively low mana pool (ironically) with moderately high mana costs.

Role: Ranged Hybrid Bruiser, Soak.

Unstoppable Drive (Innate): Each time Toa is slowed, feared, taunted or stunned, Toa gains X% of his Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor and Magic resist added to their respective stats for X seconds. Maximum 3 stacks.

Spike (Q): Toa slams his orb towards a target location dealing X physical damage upon impact and Y magic AOE damage. Champions hit by the ball are slowed for 2 seconds (8 sec CD)

Blitz (W): Toa aggressively charges in a line in front of of him, gaining a spell shield (it can be popped mid-charge.) Enemies that are hit Blitz are knocked back a short distance (much like Arcane Smash) and take X physical damage. (15 sec CD)

Drop Kick (E): Toa fires a skill shot nuke by kicking his orb with all his might, dealing X physical damage to the first enemy it hits, stunning it for 1.5 seconds. If the target is already stunned, the stun duration is not increased and remained stunned for their original duration. Instead, the target takes an additional Y magic damage. (10 sec CD)

End Game (Ultimate): Toa leaps into the air and jump serves the orb with all his might towards a target location, dealing X AOE physical damage. After a 2 second delay, the ground around the impact zone erupts in a moderately sized circle, dealing Y Magic damage and causing grievous wounds to the enemy, as well as a short ignite effect that lasts for 2 seconds, dealing Z damage each second. (137 sec CD)

"We shall tear them asunder!"

"Lead me to a challenge."
"Now I'm all fired up!"
"Make the play."
"Good call."
"Don't get in over your head."

"I'm just getting started!"
"Get back on the bench."

"Hah! Nice ELO."
"When I say GG, you say QQ!"

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brings me back to the days when I used to play with bionicles.