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Sketchy champ idea

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Just a sketchy idea that has been fumbling through my head lately.

Appearance: So my idea was he wields a scythe and he is a mysterious character so his look would be dark clothing, like a robe maybe and a head wrap that only reveals a single or both of his eyes which glow an ominous blueish shade.

Abilities: I haven't any names for the abilities just an idea what they could be.

Passive: Still working on this.

Q: A line missile attack that is cast as a wave of energy from his Scythe that travels through enemies and gets stronger for each enemy hit capping out at a certain amount for each rank. (Scaling with AP+AD)

W: A moderate CD stun that stacks a buff on you increasing the stuns duration by double but increasing the mana cast by double for each use.The stun would be a .5 second stun and staying at that from rank one to rank 5, the change made each rank is it becomes slightly more mana efficient but to an extent since he wouldn't have a very large mana pool. An example of the buff would be that the stun would be doubling for each stack of the buff going .5-1-2 and so on if you have the mana to support it and the mana cost doing the same starting at maybe 100 going 100-200-400 and so on. And the CD on the ability being maybe 3 or 4 seconds maybe longer and the buff only lasting maybe 5 or 6 seconds forcing you to use it when its off CD or restarting with the base stun.

E: A frontal sweep attack that can be spammed, doing a decent amount of damage but not anything ridiculous. (scaling AD only)

R: For an ult my idea was a fairly decent range single target nuke ability. Teleporting him to target for a single slash "cutting off the head" dealing lots of damage to single target and crippling them making them move 40-50-60% slower for X amount of seconds (Still cant think of an appropriate number for X) (Scaling with AP only)

Let me know what you think. The idea is still floating around me head and Im making constant changes.