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Adriana , The Wrath of Innocence

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Appearance - She is slightly taller than Annabell(Annie) she wears a white dress that drags across the floor and her hair is a grayish pink color when she walks she holds her arms together as if it is cold

Attack Animation - when she attacks she covers her face with one arm and throws a sparkling ball of light with the other when she crits she makes a bigger ball with both hands

Passive - Pure Innocence - When attacked by a de buff or is poisoned she will cut the duration I'm half

Q. Curiosity - Audriana sends out a wave of white light to a single target who then attacks the weakest enemy or walks into a nearby allied trap (can be used on enemy pets)

W. Boo-Boo - Audriana throws a ghost of herself to target enemy and causes damage over time and a bleeding effect or to an ally that patches them up absorbing incoming damage for 2 seconds

E. Fun Time - Audriana sends out a wave of childlike pleasure to enemies within a cone causing them to dance / laugh / joke depending on which animation is longer

R. Parental Guidence - Audriana's ascended parent come down to aid Audriana they appear for 5 seconds making Audriana invincible and turn all her attacks to have an AoE effect and healing allies


Upon selection
Is it time to play? We can have some fun?

Skip Skip (giggle)
Where's Annie I wanna play
I like to hug tibbers do you?
I miss mommy and daddy (sniffle)

Pew Pew
They are bullies (blows raspberry)
Teach my how to ks teach me teach me how to ks (giggle)

Mommy always said you get what you deserve.
I guess it's not just my parents who feed me.

I hope Annie didn't burn my rope again.
What kinda playground is this? I've never been shot at in my neighborhood