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Title: [Game] Unable to play tutorial

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Priority: Major

Label: game, turtorial

Description: After selecting my summoner name, it ask me if I want to play a tutorial game.
I accept and select my champ to play. As it begins, it loads the League of Legends emblem as usual.
But the differences is that an error appears. It says my Language file is mising. Please try reinstalling!
After clicking okay, it shows the loading screen for the tutorial. But the color is discolored and quickly quits.
The riot launcher is still there and when I click on it, I'm back to where I started. I hung out for a while and
went into some chatrooms for a while where it evenutally kicking me out saying something about Maestro. i apologizes
for not having the snapshots for it for it happened way too quick and I quitted it before realizing what had happened.

Upon trying it again, I noticed the game mode was called **null.