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[Game] [Critical] Language file is missing! Try reinstalling.

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Flower Power

Senior Member


Whoops, this should probably be [Platform]

My first game (or so I thought) in this new PBE was going to be as Ezreal. Everything seemed to be fine, except that I was level 1 and had access only to the corresponding summoner spells, however, I had 30 mastery points to spend. Odd, I thought, but everything else seemed okay. Champion select ends, however, and I receive an error stating, "Language file is missing! Try reinstalling" or something like that. I have received this error several times before, but only while using LoLreplay. After that error, the loading screen was completely messed up. Instead of champion portraits, there were blue rectangles; none of the other graphics showed except for some random font numbers at the top and bottom of the rectangles, which I deduced to be % loaded and ping, respectively.

After everyone reaches 100%, however, the client bugsplats, so I submit the report and restart the client, now it reads this error message: Possible Unsafe Installation

"The PVP.net Patcher has detected that you have an install of League of Legends which may cause damage to files on your computer when it is uninstalled, due to a bug in the older LoL installers. A program will now be launched to fix this issue. It may need to ask permission to modify files, please allow this access if requested."

This error has appeared for me before, and it claims that "The issues have been successfully corrected. Your files should no longer be at risk. Thank you for your patience." The client runs normally, except that it might freeze for a few seconds now and then. This happens in my NA server client, too, and even froze once during champ select in a ranked game, crashed the client and then crashed my computer, luckily it randomly picked Amumu for me and we won.

I would just reinstall the client, but I have done that twice all ready, and now the PBE server is UNAVAILABLE.

Edit: It's patching now.

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same thing happend to me