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Ryder "The Beast Master"

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A former Tamer at a circus wearing nothign but baggy red pants, black boots, and a red arabic head dress. He is covered in Carny tatooes, he carries but one weapon, his enchanted whip. Using it to damage foes beyond belief or controling anything small or dumb enough to follow his lead.

Wild insticnts: Ryder takes 5% less damage from minions, pets, or monsters

Q. Whipcrack-unleashing a flury of whip strikes damaging target foe
damage: 50/70/100/120
mana: 45/60/75
cooldown: 25/22/19/18

W. Outthink- Ryder out smarts his opponent and retreats to the nearest friendly turrett
mana: 50/55/60
cooldown: 30/22/14

E.Command- Ryder sends a harsh command to give his allies an advantage of power, armor, and speed
mana: 50/60/75
cooldown: 35/30/25/20

R. Taking control- Ryder takes conrol of target minion, pet, or monster with 25% or lower health, is healed and attacks target player