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Charred, the Lord's Descension

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Attributes: Assassin, Melee
Health: Low
Attack: Strong
Spells: Strong
Difficulty: Low

Passive: Seggated Edge
10% of Charred's Attack Damage is converted into Armor Penetration.

Q: Back Dagger
Charred throws a blade at a enemy dealing Attack Damage and leaves a mark for 3 seconds.

W: Death Pincer
Charred lunges his dual blades through the target's neck dealing True Damage and reducing health regeneration for 3 seconds.

E: Assassination
Charred throws himself at an enemy dealing magical damage. If the target was recently hit by Back Dagger, the Assassination cooldown is refreshed.

R: Metalite Distillation
Charred poisons an enemy champion causing them to take DoT magic damage. If the target has a health regeneration decreased applied to them (from Death Pincer, Ignite or Executioner's Calling etc), they have their movement speed decreased for a brief duration.

-Very Powerful Burst potential
-True Damage
-Gap Closer that can be re-used quickly

-Very fragile
-No escape ability
-No utility ability
-One wrong move can cause you to miss a kill or be killed yourself.

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wants to sleep

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The generic assassin, everything an assassin wants. You have no numbers (it's not really a champion until you do) but the concept is solid, if bland. Would be the Annie of top lane.