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New Champion Idea ** Shadow (Predator of Noxus)

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Shadow - Predator of Noxus

Shadow used to be what some would call a menace of uncharted skill that had

no match. Shadow pretty much stayed to himself on the outskirts of Noxus hunting and

taming vile creatures for his pleasure. When Shadow was a young boy he ran into another

slum kid of Noxus named Talon who's thievery had no match and had nerves of steel.

Talon told him a story of a great warrior named General Du Couteau that he had heard

before. Shadow's memories had been washed away every since he was a young boy, due

to an accident that happened that he can not remember nothing of. He has no memories

of family, friends, or loved ones. Just as Talon had none. He often wondered if this Talon

and the stories of General Du Couteau had something to due with his life. So Shadow

Hunts while scavenging the outskirts of Noxus for clues of his past.

Meanwhile the only friend Shadow has made over time is his pet Tyrant that he

captured and tamed over the years and trained it to fight by his side. One day Shadow

found an old box buried in rusted whole. Inside the box were some clues to Shadows past

along with a badge of The Noxian High Command. Shadow had heard about this before

and knew it had something to do with General Du Couteau and the stories he had once

heard from Talon. This is when Shadow sought out the League of Legends in hopes of

meeting Talon again and finding more clues to his past and the stories of General Du




(Character Model is credited to Alessandro Baldasseroni and 3dsMax Software)

* Tyrant (Passive) - Every 4th attack summons Tyrant to the battle field to fight along side with Shadow. While Tyrant is active Shadow gains increased attack damage. Tyrant will automatically target ignited enemies.

* Automatic - Shadow switches his weapon to automatic giving a 4 round burst to a single target. Each round dealing reduced damage.

* Napalm - Shadow fires napalm to a selected location igniting the ground for a duration of time. Enemies who walk through this area are ignited.

* Renegade - Passive - Every 4th napalm fired causes the napalms burning embers to show stealth enemies within a certain range. Active - This ability can be activated when Tyrant is active to make Shadows pet spit in the eyes of the enemy causing them to be blind for a short duration.

* Shadow Bite (Ultimate) - Shadow summons Tyrant to bite him causing shadow to have increased sight range (Tyrant remains active for the duration of the ultimate unless killed). This ability can be activated again to fire shadows Tourniquet (Shadow switches his weapon to automatic and fires from the hip in a 360* motion)

Thank you for checking out my new champ idea Tell me what you the community thinks.

I really think this would be a unique character. his passive is something like Malzahar but

with and Ad carry instead of an Ap carry with the ability to control some of its actions

through skill usage. this is an pretty original skill set, unlike some others and they have

great synergy with his other skills. Not to mention would be another male ranged ad carry

with a pet and a gun. Now how sweet is that.

Anyways check it out give me some feed back and don't forget to upvote if you like the



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