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Could anyone please tell me what Runes I need for a perfect Crit Plank...

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you have no arpen, someone builds armor. you're screwed. 90 damage crits don't hurt

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My friend let me use his ac to try his Crit Plank and I got 15/0/13

I think hes great!

That's nice.

Now meet Akali with Rylais/Lichbane/Deathcap/Zhonyas.

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Running full crit is tons of fun. And I have many more wins than losses as GP. It makes him an exeptional poker/harrasser. I can never remember my fully tweaked build/runes to get a smooth 100% but ill play a few games and write the recipe down.

(seeing as its what the darn OP asked for.. Not all your other guys' bull**** critiques on critplank)

You can get an even 100% crit with the 2% from mastery,

13% from runes. (for me i used crit chance marks, crit chance seals, and then 2 of the crit chance glyphs to bump it up to 13%)

You can use whatever runes you want to fill the rest but I use Crit Damage quints, and 7 glphs of CD reduce per level, or 7 crit dammage glyphs.

The 4 items youll need to reach 100% crit is Trinity, Inf edge, Phantom Dancer, Youmuu's.

I usually get the averice blade asap. Then sheen. After sheen pile on 2 crit cloaks for the extra crit bump. Turn that sheen into trinity. Turn those 2 cloaks into an Inf edge and a Phantom Dancer. Finish Youmuu. That only leaves you with 1 defense item. You could figure out the numbers to swap a frozem mallet + atmas instead of trinity. But I really like trin.

If the game is running way long and I get to pick another item I usually pick frozen mallet even if I dont have atmas. Even though I have trinity and GP slow.

But this is a normal queue stomping build. (As i think you will be playing normal queue alot anyways)