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Shaco Build

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No defensive items at all eh? Ouch

You should be picking your fights carefully and near impossible to lock down.

Catch people 1v1 and BLOW THEM UP !

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AP and AD are both viable.

AD is fantastic early game. You can jungle (not the best jungler) the fastest level 2 red-buff gank. But you fall of severely late-game and are stuck split-pushing. Or, if you're lucky you can get massively fed and build crit.

AP is duo lane champion or situational solo champ. I prefer not to mid because that means you have to box extra bushes to protect from ganks. AP has a rocky early-game, that requires you to be massively active by interupting the opposing jungler, boxing well-used pathways to help your teammates avoid getting ganked, protecting Dragon/Baron by nesting them etc. Late-game is where AP Shaco really shines but to get the maximum potential you need to be in a premade with good players.

I would recommend AD jungle Shaco starting out.

I haven't played Shaco that way in awhile.

Arpen Reds
Armor Yellows
AS Blues
AS Quints

cloth armor 5HP pots.
And then two boxes at double golem. 3 at Red buff, smite Blue Wraith, 4'th box at Red buff, kill double golem, kill Red buff. Gank. Finish jungle.

Black Cleaver
Merc Treads/Mobility Boots

Later in the game split-push and take down towers, box the places where enemies will come to gank. Deceive away and go back to the lane when they leave.

Rinse and Repeat until you kill their nexus.

Edit; I just saw you're not level 30 yet. Don't play Shaco until you have a large array of runes to choose from.

Shaco is NOT a beginner's champion. He's a pub-stomp champion but you will quickly pubstomp yourself to a normal Elo where you will not have fun, and your lack of runes will really show against people who have hundreds of wins.