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Client crashing after games, FPS drops

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Ever since the Xerath patch the client crashes after games much more frequently than it used to.

Basically one of two things happen:

a) The game ends and I get the black screen with a "skip waiting for stats" option. If I skip the stats, I'm unable to join any queue because it still thinks that I am in game.

b)The client just completely closes after the victory/defeat screen. When trying to start the client again, the error comes up that it is already running and I need to terminate the other instance of it.

Also I've been having some random framerate drops. Dropping all the way down from 60 fps to 30 fps. These drops usually only last a second or two, but are always occurring during team fighting. I've never had frame-rate issues until this patch.

The crashes are more of an annoyance than anything, but the FPS drops are negatively impacting my play.

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Exactly as you've stated, I'm having the same issues. Its begun to seriously dampen my willingness to continue playing, because these frame rate drops are getting me killed, not to mention the complete inability to speak with your team once the game ends.