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Hello Staff or anyone that can help pls

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Junior Member


Hello, I have a problem, Whenever I turn on a game LoL just closes and says that the game is still and progress or the game has crashed, and ''League of Legends has stopped working please try again'' but when I try again or reconnect it just corrupts and closes automatically , is there a way to fix this? I can log in and stuff but not join a game, Pls and ty.

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You should create a thread in Help and Support, or email [email]support@riotgames.com[/email], be sure to include at least some of the info below:

Description of problem
This section should be a detailed description of your problem. No information is too much information, be as detailed as you can possibly be here.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Logged into the Game Client
  2. Clicked on "Play Game."
  3. Joined a game called "game," hosted by "host"
  4. Was on the Blue Team.
  5. Entered Champion Selection Page
  6. Selected Champion "Ryze"
  7. Game Launch
  8. Game never loaded

*Try repeating your steps to see if you can make the bug occur again.*

Attach Important Files
Every time you create a bug report, please attach your dxdiag.txt file. If you are reporting a game crash, please attach your crash log. You may also attach screenshots, images, or other files that you feel are important.

Attaching a file to a post
1. Under Additional Options, Click "Manage Attachments."
2. A popup window will appear. Under "Upload File from your Computer", click "Browse."
3. Locate the file on your computer, and click “Open”
4. Click “Upload”
5. The file is now attached to your post.

Finding your dxdiag.txt file
1. Click on Start.
2. Go to Run
3. Type in dxdiag in the Run Command prompt.
4. Allow the Diagnostic Tool to load.
5. Click on "Save All Information."
6. Save the DxDiag file as a Text File (*.txt)
7. Save onto the Desktop.

Finding your crash log

1. In step 3 of “How to upload a file”, you will want to browse to: “C:\Documents and Settings\<Your Username>\My Documents\Riot Games\League of Legends\Game“ or the folder of where you installed League of legends.
2. locate your r3dlog.log file.
3. Continue from Step 4 of “How to upload a file”

Click “Submit New Thread” to post your bug report.