Bastion, the Hulking Horror

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Basion is a massive chunk of living metal, sliding into other forms and tainting those it touches with it's metalic form. It slowly corrupts other units and causes them to become scrap metal for Bastion.

Passive - Crush, Castorate, Contaminate

The metal beast cares more for the simple joy of spreading and killing then it does the oppurtunity of sides.

Bastion cannot attack, instead he rolls over enemies, flattening them and causing them to be blinded and silenced and suffer a 20% penalty to movement for the next three seconds. This deals damage equal to 70% of his armor or 100% of his attack damage. He may only damage a single unit with this once every second.

Basiton moves in a z-formation, quickining in his side turns while slowing while going straight. (1%/-1%). Units he flattens are pulled 300 units in the dirrection he is moving after he passes over them. If this leads them into a wall, they take damage equal to 100% of his armor.
Q - Metalic Marring
Bastion drips liquid oil into those he flattens, contaiminating them and shaking their minds utterly. Those who fall rise back into metal forms, becoming rolling parts of the beast that is Bastion.

Whenever Bastion flattens a unit, it gains 1 stack of Contamination, causing it to do 3% less damage per stack. Contamination stacks last until Bastion would be reduced below 70/60/50/40/30% of his maximum health.

Whenever a unit with more than 3 contamination stacks dies, a metal ball is created with 20% of it's maximum life. The ball moves in a 500 unit area around where it was made, causing units to be hit to gain 1 contamination stack and take 10/30/50/70/90 damage.

Bastion can activate this ability to split all balls in half, creating two balls with 50% of the previous ball's health that rotate in a 200 unit area around two edges of the circle, each deal 5/15/25/35/45 damage to units they hit and grant them 1 stack of contamination.

If Metalic Marring kills a unit, Bastion gains life equal to the amount of life the ball created has. Minimum of 50/75/100/125/150 life gained.
W - Might of the Masses
Bastion let's out a gutcurtling roar, the metal within those around him surging to him and his allies.

Bastion gains 3/5/7/9/11% of nearby unit's attack damage and armor and adds it to his armor. Units within this area gain 2/4/6/8/10% of the attack damage Bastion gains as armor.

Enemies within this area get the amount of armor bastion gained subtracted from their life and gain 5 stacks of contamination per second per three seconds. Bastion gains the amount of life subtracted as life.

This may be activated again within three seconds of it's original units to cause Bastion to call all balls he created to him, gaining damage equal to the amount of ballsx3.
E - Miracle Mercury
Bastion completely vanishes, becoming a liquid pool on blight on the ground.

Bastion stealths for 12 seconds, dealing 5/10/15/20/25 damage to those he stands under per second. Units he move through are not flattened, however are snared until he moves from under them. At the end of it's duration, Bastion jumps up, knocking all units within 400 units of him up and dealing 35/70/105/135/175 damage to them.
R - Obsolete Materials
Bastion rips out every organ, every peice of flesh, every muscle and every bone out of the target unit.

If this is used on a champion under 10% life, they are instantly killed and Bastion gains life equal to their maxium life.

If this is used on a minion, deal 15,000 damage to that unit and Bastion gains life equal to their maximum life.

Otherwise, deal 150/350/550 true damage and stun the target for 1 second.
I hope you've enjoyed Bastion! Any suggestions would make me thankful.
(Tank, Disrupt, Stealth, Pusher)

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That passive renders any team ever useless.

One second cooldown?!

Try "When this unit makes contact with a hostile unit or champion, it deals damage equal to it's armor and slows for 20% for 2 seconds. This effect cannot be applied more than once every 10 seconds"