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Yousogreat's (a.k.a. Yousosmart's) Champion Compendium

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This isn't Youso's alt. I like his work, and commented on it since well before his old account got banned for reasons still unknown to me.

He has two accounts I know of, both starting with Youso.

I bump this thread from time to time because I still think his work needs more attention

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This isn't Youso's alt. I like his work, and commented on it since well before his old account got banned for reasons still unknown to me.

He has two accounts I know of, both starting with Youso.

I bump this thread from time to time because I still think his work needs more attention

My original Yousosmart account got forum-banned because I broke the "don't call out other players on the forums" rule. Course the guy I was calling out was a total d*uche, but Riot wasn't playing favorites.

Anyhow, I'm currently tweaking around two new concepts, one which is a remake of my Mikoto concept, the other a completely new one.

Here's the Mikoto remake so far.
Name: Mikoto, the Shrine Maiden
Role: Support, Ranged

NOTES! - Mikoto's Q, W and E skills each level 6 times apiece, similar to Karma; she receives her R at level 1 and doesn't need to put a skill point in it.

Any numbers present are subject to change.

Passive - Divine Protection
When Mikoto uses a basic ability (not including Shift Alignment), she gains a shield for 3 seconds that absorbs up to 40+(10*level) damage (max. 220). This effect has a 12/10/8 second cooldown (not reduced by CDR).

Q - Purifying Talisman
Mikoto tosses a paper talisman in a target direction. Skillshot. 5 second cooldown.
Yin State: The talisman deals magic damage to enemies it passes through and slows them. However, it deals 10% less for each unit it hits, down to a minimum 40% damage. The slowing effect diminishes over 2 seconds after being applied.
Yang State: The talisman heals allied Champions it passes through and increases their movement speed. However, it heals 10% less for each unit it hits, down to a minimum 40% healing. The haste effect diminishes over 2 seconds after being applied.

W - Spirit Bomb
First Cast
Mikoto charges an orb of spiritual energy over her, increasing its damage and AOE radius. Maximum damage/blast radius is achieved after 1.5 seconds. While preparing this orb, Mikoto cannot attack or use her other abilities, and her movement speed is slowed by 15%. After 5 seconds, Spirit Bomb is automatically canceled.
Second Cast
Mikoto launches the orb at target area, dealing magic damage and inflicting a crowd control dependent on her state to all enemies struck.
Yin State: The orb will blind enemies hit for 1-2 seconds.
Yang State: The orb will silence enemies hit for 1-2 seconds.
12 second cooldown after orb is launched or cancelled. Half of mana cost is refunded if charge-up is interrupted by crowd controls.

E - Duplex Barrier
Mikoto places a wall of spiritual energies at target location. Its effects depend on Mikoto’s state. Lasts 6 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
Yin State: Enemies passing through the barrier have their AR/MR reduced by a small flat amount. Enemy non-turret projectiles that pass through the barrier will deal X% reduced damage.
Yang State: Allies passing through the barrier have their AR/MR increased by a small flat amount. Allied non-turret projectiles that pass through the barrier will deal X% increased damage.

R - Shift Alignment
Mikoto switches between her Yin and Yang States. This skill is automatically learned at level 1 and does not require a skill-point. Each time Mikoto shifts her state, she gains +5/10/15 AP for 4 seconds. This can stack up to 4 times. Costs 20 mana to change states, plus 5/10/15 extra mana for each stack. Static 1 second cooldown. Changing Mikoto's state also changes the polarity of any of her spells that are in-flight or on the field. Does not trigger effects such as Tear of the Goddess or Spellblade (Sheen, etc.).

Now here's the other Champion, who is going to be completely new.

Name: Deia, Mistress of the Mind
Role: Fighter, Melee

(Numbers are incomplete, and still could use tweaking; skills might also change if needed)

Psyche Resource
Deia starts with 100 Psyche and can have a maximum of 100 Psyche. Psyche recharges at a rate of 20 per 5 seconds, and an extra 2 Psyche is restored on each basic attack. Champion kills and assists restore 20 Psyche instantly. While in Persona Mode, Psyche drains at a rate of 10 Psyche per second, but Deia can still gain Psyche from her basic attacks or from Champion kills/assists. Deia uses no other resource (i.e. mana), and does not require Psyche to use her basic abilities; Psyche is only used while in Persona Mode.

Passive - Mind and Might
Deia gains +2/3/4/5/6/7 bonus attack damage for 3 seconds each time she lands a basic attack. This effect stacks up to 5 times. (Increases at levels 4, 7, 10, 13, and 16, respectively.)

Q - Phase
Deia blinks to target location, and her next basic attack will deal 25/50/75/100/125 (+1.0 AD) bonus damage. If used while in Persona Mode, you can recast the ability once within the next few seconds. No cost. 10/9/8/7/6 second cooldown.

W - Psionic Shell
Grants Deia a temporary shield that absorbs 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.5AP) damage and lasts up to 4 seconds. While the shield holds, Deia receives 10/15/20/25/30% bonus CC reduction. If used while in Persona Mode, it also creates an immolation effect, dealing 20/35/50/65/80 (+0.2AP) magic damage per second to all nearby enemies for 4 seconds [max. damage: 80/140/200/260/320 (+0.8AP)]. Immolation effect does not deactivate if shield is destroyed. No cost. 10 second cooldown.

E - Psi Booster
Deia gains +30/40/50/60/70% attack speed for 5 seconds. While in Persona Mode, Psi Booster also causes your basic attacks to splash, dealing 10/15/20/25/30 physical damage, plus 40/50/60/70/80% of your total AD, plus the bonus magic damage from Summon Persona, to all enemies in front of you. No cost. 12 second cooldown.

R - Summon Persona (available at level 1, but can be leveled like Elise's Spider Form)
(Toggle) Deia summons her Persona, placing him in Persona Mode, which enhances all of her abilities and provides bonus magic damage on basic attacks, as well as bonus armor and magic resistance, but drains 10 Psyche per second. Leveling Summon Persona improves the bonus magic damage, bonus armor, and bonus magic resistance. 6 second cooldown after deactivation. Can be deactivated to conserve Psyche.
Grants +10/20/30/40 bonus magic damage per basic attack (levels 0/1/2/3), and +10/20/30/40 bonus AR/MR (levels 0/1/2/3) while active.

I also have a rough draft for Deia's lore, which is going to use parts of Grolla's lore (Grolla has been scrapped because of Thresh, regrettably). I'll definitely be updating this; I wrote this in about 5 minutes.
Deia is a former noble from Noxus whose family was slaughtered by Swain's regime for refusing to submit to his rule. Deia fled her home and vowed revenge, but first sought out her family's ancestral tomb, seeking a sealed power within that could give her an edge.

Entering the tomb, Deia found the sealed spirit of an ancient demon bound by the ghosts of her ancestors. The spirit made a deal with her: if she freed him, he would grant her all the power she would ever need. Deia accepted the deal, but upon freeing the spirit, it merged with her body, using her as a host. Deia suddenly found herself able to use the spirit's own power through her body.

Exiting the tomb, Deia was confronted by Darius and a team of his enforcers, seeking to kill her. With the spirit's power flowing through her, and even projecting itself from her body to fight her enemies, Deia was easily able to defeat Darius (without killing him) and his cronies (who weren't so lucky). Deia fled Noxus, but vowed to return someday and kill the man responsible for her family's massacre: Jericho Swain.

Deia is inspired by sources including the Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, as well as the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series.

Any thoughts, Darkdingus?

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I think the "purifying talisman" should specify it only targets champions

The alignment change's mana cost should increase as its effect does.
Else, everyone will just be spamming it at higher levels.
Also, I can't imagine anyone with a Tear NOT spamming it, unless you want to make it so triggering it doesn't proc other skills (Sheen, Lichbane, Tear)
Anyways, I see a Tear becoming a staple item for all Mikotos pretty quickly.

About the spirit bomb - waiting 5 seconds cancels it. Make the description also state what the CD is for a canceled ball. (Whether it was canceled through CC or waiting too much). <- The number HAS to be 4 seconds or more.
I love the barrier effect. Says a lot for the bot lanes (1 ranged carry + 1 support)

That was it for Mikoto. I'll come back later for the second character.

That's too bad for Grolla though. I was actually waiting for feedback on my latest suggestion for her passive...

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I think the psychic part sounds like a mix betweeb rage and energy, but far stronger.

A double-blink every 6 seconds ALSO sounds rather strong, especially since it only costs 10 Psyche. (Persona - Blink - Unpersona - Blink)
- Also, a question: "will deal 25/50/75/100/125 (+1.0 AD) bonus damage" - Meaning that her total damage for that attack will add twice her AD? People complained about Vayne having something similar, and even she never gets more than 0.5 AD added to her attack.

The shield is rather strong, especially when you think about the fact that it actually triggers two shields. It also adds damage for 10 Psyche (again, just Un-Persona after getting the trigger effect)

You "might" want to explain that when you switch off Persona mode, you lose all the benefits it gives INSTANTLY. (meaning, no second blink, no more immolation, no more bonus AoE damage, no matter how much time was left on the skill that activated it.
- Add to every skill that has a persona effect ("If you activate Persona Mode while this skill is in effect OR if you are in Persona mode when you activate this skill...&quot. If would add many tactical uses to Persona mode other than tanking just a bit more attacks

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Yeah, I'll need to get back to Mikoto and Deia at some point. But RL stuff is piling up, so I need to prioritize.

However, I have been looking at another new design, this one for a "dancer" Champion. Turns out a topic I started really got steam on the idea of adding a dancer into League: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3122251

Here's the current iteration of the kit I'm working with:

Name: Freesia, the Spirit Dancer
Role: Support, Ranged

P - Rhythm
Freesia gains 20% bonus movement speed and ignores unit collision for 1 second each time she hits an allied/enemy Champion with one of her abilities. (Does not stack or extend duration with multiple hits.)

Q – Samba of Swords
Freesia dashes to target unit, dealing magic damage to all enemies she passes through and to all nearby enemies when she arrives, and receiving bonus AD for 3 seconds. If her target is an allied Champion, she grants it bonus AD for 3 seconds; if her target is an enemy Champion, she reduces its AD for 3 seconds.
5 second cooldown. Moderate mana cost.

W – Wind Waltz
First Cast: Freesia sends a whirlwind in target direction that damages all enemies it touches. Slow projectile speed.
Second Cast: Freesia blinks to the whirlwind (consuming it), damaging and inflicting a slow upon all nearby enemies for 2 seconds when she arrives. Nearby allied Champions will also receive bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. Damage from first and second casts is equal.
12/11/10/9/8 second cooldown.

E – Lover’s Lavolta
Freesia dashes in target direction, shielding herself and any allied Champions she passes through for 3 seconds. Enemy Champions struck are also briefly charmed, causing them to walk harmlessly toward Freesia for 1 second; the charm cannot occur twice on the same Champion within X seconds. If Freesia hits an allied/enemy Champion with Lover’s Lavolta, she can cast it again within the next 4 seconds at no cost.
14/13/12/11/10 second cooldown (does not cycle while second dash is available).

R – Flourishing Finale
Freesia unleashes her most powerful dance, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies (large AOE). For the next 10 seconds, Freesia generates an aura that grants her and all nearby allied Champions bonus MS, AR and MR.
140/120/100 second cooldown.

She's meant to be a kind of mobile, close-range support who darts around team fights to support her allies, while having decent enough durability to survive close encounters. Weaknesses will primarily be a lack of firepower, lack of safety, and an inability to adequately harass opponents (Wind Waltz will not be nearly as good as, say, Sona's Q at harassment).

As for Deia and Mikoto, I'll certainly look into your ideas once I get some time and motivation to actually work on them.

Oh, and I recently lost my Youso1337 account. Got provoked by someone on the forums and said a few illegal choice words...

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Why the name Freesia tho?