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Ranked Twisted Treeline Tier List

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I realize I am not level 30 yet, but I was forced to think like level thirties starting from level one because my friends were all level 30 when I started playing the game and every time I layer with them guess who we'd be matched up against, level 30s. If I were to play ranked you'd see that more than 90% of the time I play Tristana >300 games with her (yes I know that's not a lot for some players). At level 20 I decided I'd start playing TT where I realized after my first few games Tristana was more useful. Yes I agree I may have bumped into more noobs since I was no longer in a party, but I was still often pitted against level 30s. I would be a level 30 by now had I done a less defensive playstyle (as I mention most/many of my games I am able to stretch to 45 minutes to an hour). If you wish to dispute my claim, I'll gladly play with or against you to show you how good of a champion Tristana is. I'm not too far from level 30 at the moment and I would've hit level thirty had I not went on vacation for this week.

P.S. if you wish to continue this discussion I'll be back at my computer on Wednesday of next week since I am using a tablet to post

EDIT: Also part of my suggestion stems from my talks with other Tristana players in TT (including level 30s)

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Old and outdated

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^ haha!

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Orianna cant be teir 6, unless she really has fallen that much, my team ran her as a main champion in our setup in season 1.

I play with a highly skilled Orianna, and he is amazing at kiting champs, even ones like Lee sin. If we wind up facing an akali, we stick closer to him, grab an oracles, and catch her the instant she goes for Ori.

And I still haven't seen anything about Leblanc. Pg 32...Cause I've played her rather successfully, even against a team with a Lee sin, Mordekaiser, and I think it might have been Olaf or WW or something. And the only reason they won was I DC'd, and reconnected a few mins later. The game also lasted for about 50-60 mins, and it was close all the way through.

I know you have seen a lot of crappy Oriannas and Leblancs (Most likely) But they are high skill champs. Leblanc, more because you have to pay close attention to position, targets, builds, ect. Things that don't always deal with you, or your own skills (q, w, e, r) High skill makes them less likely to show up, because most people don't want to take the time to learn them.

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hmm interesting.. thx i learned now whats op and whats not op vraell