AD Twisted Fate

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I recently (3 days ago) bought Twisted Fate and having a whole army of ranged DPS champions, I wanted to see if I could play him as bot lane AD as well. I would really appreciate if people could critique my build.

Here is my current build:

Mastery - 24-6-0 masteries taking all 4 attack speed mastery points. 6 points in defensive masteries because of his overall squishiness.

Runes - 3 Arpen and 6 AS reds
9 Flat armor Yellow
9 AS blues
3 Arpen Quints

This gives me 15 Armor penetration, 13 armor and 16% Attack Speed.

Summoner spells - Flash and Teleport

Core : Brutalizer, Sword of the Divine, Phantom Dancer

I start out a single Long Sword and 1 health pot. Wait on the fountain for 2 more health pots and immediately teleport to bot lane (you won't miss a single creep). With 3 health pots, you'll sustain yourself far longer than you can with a Doran's Blade and Long Sword actually builds into something.

First trip back to fountain - If I have enough gold, buy both Brutalizer and the 350g boots (Berserker greaves if you farmed especially well). If not, prioritize boots over Brutalizer because I feel the movement speed is far more important.

Next trip back - Finish Brutalizer if you haven't yet, upgrade your boots. Grab Recurve bow as well. If not enough gold, just grab Dagger.

Finish Sword of the Divine. I think with with the arpen from Brutalizer and Sword of the Divine's active along with your 15 arpen from runes, you should be able to deal a ton damage. You should also have quite a bit of Attack speed from runes and items. From here on is basically reacting to what the other team has. I don't really believe Youmuus is that great on him so I keep the Brutalizer until late game to trade it for something better. I like Bloodthirster and PD for him but IE would also work well obviously.

If the enemy team has a lot of AP, I grab Wit's End. If they are really bursty however, I prefer Hex Drinker instead.

I haven't tried out Wriggle's Lantern on him yet but considering he has high AS with this build and I take Teleport with him, it could be a very good item for him. Trouble is it's sort of an iffy item to get mid game considering I rush Brutalizer and SotD first.