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Honest Tips and Advice

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I'm no Legends Guru, but I've seen just about every type of game, outcome, player, and skill level. I have some tips I believe everyone should take into consideration.

  • DON'T LEAVE A GAME BECAUSE IT'S NOT GOING YOUR WAY! You downloaded to play, so play. You may have a chance, games can turn even in the worst situations. With you leaving, it's hurting the other four on your team worse than what you "think" you're hurting.
  • DON'T STACK UNIQUE PASSIVES! This includes boots. Six boots won't make you lightning fast, only one will actually work, even if they're differen't types. Simply hover over the item and read. Everything will stack, even regular Passives. But if you see the word UNIQUE, then everything below it will be useless if two are purchased. Same goes with unique auras.
  • DON'T BUY A CHARACTER ONLY BECAUSE YOU SEE SOMEONE ELSE OWN WITH IT! Different characters have different difficulties to play and master. It's why they rotate the free champions. Be patient and try before you buy. Sometimes it's a money drain if you never use the champion right away.
  • DON'T SOLO BARON UNTIL YOU PLAY ALOT MORE! Even if you're 18, don't try it. He's very difficult, and you'll know when you can solo him. He is to be taken seriously, because he will rip your face off.
  • THINK OF THE OUTCOME BEFORE ACTING! You dive and MAYBE get a kill, but then you die, and they overthrow your tower. Yes, five people are getting your mid turret, and you need to defend, but they're going to hurt you. Hard. Simply think what'll happen by preforming the action. It's what separates good players from bad. Be smart.
  • NEVER QUIT! Even if it's a 1v5 and they're attacking your Nexus, don't pout like a baby. Get out there, ace their face, and merk during their 50 second respawn. I've seen the bleakest of bleak games turn into face rolls in a matter of an ace. Giving up gives you no chance. Trying gives you the possibility.
  • FOLLOW RIOT'S RULES! Their rules aren't there to be taken lightly. They're correct, and meant to be followed. Your life in Legends will be 10x lighter if you use the chat rooms and forums to good fun and not bad trolling.
  • DON'T DISCRIMINATE! The word "merk" is universal. People of all color, gender, and language play this game all over the world. Don't be discouraged if your lane partner is halbain the old espanol. Everyone knows what mia is, and everyone knows what a ping is.
When starting out of legends, it's hard to know who to buy. I must say, the top characters to learn the game are as follows:
  • Ashe, Sivir, Alistar, Ryze, Tristana, Nunu, Kayle and Teemo.
    • Ashe, Sivir, Tristana and Teemo are mainly dps, or attack damage based.
    • Alistar, Nunu and Kayle can be built as tanks, or extremely beefy and hard to kill.
    • Ryze, Nunu and Kayle can be built as mages, or magic based dealing damage with spells mostly.
When it comes to runes, I was very unsure of what to buy to fill my book. I learned over time, but I wasted some money when I started out. Here's a tip:

FOCUS ON A MAX OF FOUR AREAS! Quintessences, or the purple ones, should all be the same type. Same goes for your red Marks, your yellow Seals, or your blue Glyphs. In other words, don't buy a Mark that increases damage, a Mark that increases mana, a Mark that increases ability power, and a Mark that increases health regeneration. Instead, make Quints damage, Marks mana, Seals ability power, and Glyphs health regeneration.
Here is my rune book if you'd like to see rather than read. I know I'm not exciting. http://i46.tinypic.com/1zccynp.png
I know you can't hover and read, but my Quintessences and Marks are Attack Damage at Level 18, my Seals are Attack Speed, and my Glyphs are Cooldown Reduction at 18. Now I know that isn't four areas, but I said MAX. With those runes, regardless on who you play, they'll always have some benefit. Even mages have to use their physical attack, and then there's cooldowns for them. You could also build runes for your #1 used champion, I don't care, your rune book. Just be smart.

Masteries are confusing when you don't know what to focus on. Also, there's only one page, so you can't chose one according on who you play. So think of your play type.
Do you dive alot? Are you agressive? Max out your attack masteries.
Do you hug the turret? Do you tank or die alot? Max out your defence masteries.
Do you like gold and experience? Do you like movement speed and regen? Max out your Utilities masteries.
Also, even if it's under the category you use, don't add ranks to increase spells you don't use. If you think you need defence, but you don't use fortify often, don't rank points in the fortify section. Think when you rank, because it's tough to know what you'll use in game.

(You CAN always change your masteries during champion select, but you have to do it before the timer runs out, or else NO masteries are in effect. Also, your team may pick the person you wanted, forcing you to play someone else. Or your team may need a tank, when you wanted to play a mage. Sure you can change them in champion select, but personally, I just select them before champion select in accordance with my playstyle.)

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I'm me and I endorse this message.

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Lil Will

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I would change your masteries section, you can always redo it in champ select depending on who your playing. Just find on the right side, MASTERIES, click on it, and boom, you will be able to change them on the fly.