Hidetsugu, the Lone Avenger

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From the shadows comes a man seeking revenge.

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[P]: I like this. I feel like it should be /per champion slain since he is a Lone Avenger. Giving him that turning the tides of a team fight holy **** this dude just cleaned up pentakill status!

[Q]: Sounds pretty straight forward. Really isn't a [Q] skill though.
I suggest switching it with [E] since [Q] is usually the spamming damage ability.

[W]: Not much to say here, Damage and utility. Good.

[E]: Holy **** this dude will kill everyone at once. 45 energy cost so he can use it 4 times in 4s at 600r (Flash range being 450r) doing 90 (+75% bonus AD) = 400+ damage in a huge circle in a short time. You don't need any other skills. Run in spamming [E], Pentakill.
I suggest 5s flat cd, 500r, possibly have it reduce the damage the more foes the attack hits. That way it will hit hard on single targets but not completely destroy a whole team. Goes a bit with a chained weapon losing momentum.

[R]: Kinda confused me here. How long does the pull last? What's close enough?...To you? Additional 1s bleed...why only 1s?
I suggest making it cost energy even a little bit, add at least 20s on the cooldown, remove bleed from being chained and add it to only if they get x range from you where you pull it out violently causing them to bleed for 5s or something.

I hope this helps. I don't mean to come off pushy but it's just how I'd improve it. Take it or leave it. =P