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Treeline feedback

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Yellow Jester

Senior Member


I've been playing a lot of treeline lately, both 3v3 and the new bugged 6v6 mode (it's amazing btw), and I have opinions on what should happen to make it a much more balanced and enjoyable map.

Before we begin I'd just like to state that at no point in the last month of playing treeline has Mundo ever shown up either in a ban or a pick, so if you so much as hint at him being overpowered on this map I will literally cry. Also, I'm a Mundo main and I never pick him on this map.

1: Summoner spell adjustments:

Exhaust should be weaker. 70% damage reduction on one of 3 of your members is a huge deal. It's pretty much mandatory on 2/3 of your members.

Flash is good on treeline but no better than it is on any other map.

Ignite is extremely strong on treeline, but only because defensive items are problematic (see below)

Teleport should have a lower cooldown. Teleport would be a fantastic skill on this map if it had a lower cooldown. Since matches last half as long on treeline, perhaps the cooldown of teleport could be lowered to compensate. It would reduce the difference in XP caused due to death, allow people to heal and not be entirely bullied by superior laning champs, and allow for more interesting gank turnarounds. This is one major change that I believe would have a huge effect on the fun had in twisted treeline.

2: Defensive items should be weaker on treeline. There is slightly more than half the damage of a 5v5 team on treeline, and that means that Joe Demacia with his chain vest is probably about twice as hard to kill. A 5 man team could focus him down, but with only 3 it's extremely hard to kill one focus target that has any amount of defensive items unless your team has lots of offense. This leads to extremely early snowballing as 1 kill means 300 gold plus freefarm of the lane (and thus lost XP and gold to the other guy). All told a single kill is enough to get ahead by about 700 gold, and that means you become 50% harder to kill and snowball harder. This would also open up the possibility of supports and true tanks showing up on treeline. On a similar note, healing should be reduced slightly (especially on singed), and tryndamere's ult should have it's duration reduced.

3: Standardized creeps. This is a simple one, make jungling on treeline actually work simple stuff like "buff wraiths spawn before buff wolves" or what have you. On a sidenote, wriggle's lantern should be nerfed to half effectiveness, it kills dragon WAY too fast.

4: Wards should have a shorter duration. as it stands, first blood is worth 4 wards, and those wards will shut down the map for 6 minutes if used strategically. That's 1/4 of most games. That means no ganks, no dragons, nothing at all. The team that gets first blood will inevitably get the first dragon provided that they don't do something stupid.

5: Map adjustments:

Fix the base. It causes your pathing algorithm to **** out. If you go one direction and then change your mind a split second later, it will run you down and around instead of changing direction. This is just a pet peeve.

The top brush escape route never comes into play. In 20 or so games I've gone up there maybe twice. It's just too far out of the way of everything. It's always more effective to run past dragon on account of being able to flash into the lane.

6: Champs that are OP on treeline:

Lee sin: 2 blinkstrikes and a ridiculous kit to support them. Can build whatever items he wants and dominate. He is quite simply too mobile and versatile. He can solo lane, duo lane, or jungle, and he can control all of the zones of the map, sometimes even 2 at once. He's THAT good.

Singed: His ult makes him take literally no damage if he's a few kills ahead. He naturally farms fast and safely and his level advantage will put him at insane levels of tankiness to the point that he can tower dive you and walk out with 3/4 health. His ult is the major offender. It's not too bad on summoner's rift though.

Gangplank: Global ult gives XP, that leads to him snowballing way out of control. He can ult your nexus and push both lanes at once if he times it correctly. Scales too well with items due to his heal/cleanse combo. Overall very OP for reasons other than his good passive.

Tryndamere: His ult is just too strong. He pretty much requires 2 exhausts to deal with him alone. Problematic for reasons that pirate and jax are, namely that they can survive fights with just a small amount of lifesteal on account of nobody being able to burst kill them.

Jax: He is a nightmare to deal with on treeline because burst mages generally do very poorly on this map on account of rarely having a true tank to take hits for them and blinkstrikers being the hot thing. He becomes extremely tanky and is threatening all game.

Thanks for the great game and I hope you guys will listen to my suggestions to make Treeline a more balanced and fun competitive map.

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Captain Kopp

Senior Member


1. Exhaust exists as a counter to some of #6, also its 70% basic attacks 35% ability and item damage. Teleport, the map is easy enough to split push and backdoor imo. Last thing we need is shaco and the like teleporting everyone 2 minutes or so. Also the distance to lane, is short.

2. From the comps I've used, damage scales far better than defense. I haven't lost to an all tanky team when i had a carry on my team. This is especially true late game. Also someone should be covering your lane if you die, so they don't get that 20 seconds of free farm. Lastly, some supports and tanks are viable.

3. Jungling does work, you just have to be ready to adjust for the inconsistency. Wriggles shouldn't be nerfed, but i would agree that dragon needs much higher health scaling, especially into late.

4. Buy pink wards, and i'd have to disagree with first blood always getting dragon, there's simply nothing to support that. Also people who buy wards aren't buying as many items. There are trade offs

5. I agree, pathing is awful but you get used to it. Ive used the top bush to juke before, but you didn't really suggest a change there so w/e.

6. Singed is the only one on that list that is really godlike, and that's what the plat players ive talked to have all said. Ban him every time.

Tryndamere- you should have an exhaust, and ward so he doesn't surprise you.

Jax- He can be easily outplayed, no offense but only noobs call jax op

Gangplank- he is good, but balanced because other champs are equally good

Lee sin- same reason as gangplank and trynd.

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infinite azure

Senior Member


tbh I don't like gangplank lee either.

It's not the split push that bothers me from GP, it's the fact that parrrley has a high base damage when maxed and so building crit and IE is insanely effective for huge midgame power. He gets a bonus other carries don't at the cost of not always being ranged. With more utility than most. His ult does tons of damage with a big AoE slow, his raise morale is a big team speed buff, and he has a heal with a cleanse.

My problem is that he's not bad at anything and cleanse is better when you have less cc to throw at him, I have lost most of the games I have to a team with GP, and will probably see him as the thing I'd ban after singed.

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Senior Member


I don't think anything is wrong to be honest o.o You just gotta play the game, and outplay your opponents. Everything is set right !