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Olaf, The Retro Viking

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God of Life

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Hey guys, i just wanted to apologize for the way i responded to criticism and i would like to ask for more, i will be better about it. This is my third guide and im still learning the ways of the guide.

I would like to make this guide short and sweet, unlike my others. I want to gvie more strats and better builds.

- Skill Builds -

I like to go Phreaks skill build, it really works well and i have not seen a problem with it yet:

  1. Undertow
  2. Vicious Strikes
  3. Vicious Strikes
  4. Reckless Swing
  5. Vicious Strikes
  6. Ragnarok
  7. Vicious Strikes
  8. Reckless Swing
  9. Vicious Strikes
  10. Reckless Swing
  11. Ragnarok
  12. Reckless Swing
  13. Reckless Swing
  14. Undertow
  15. Undertow
  16. Ragnarok
  17. Undertow
  18. Undertow
This build really works well early and late game.

- Item Build -

This is a bit complicated.
There is a few things that i do during a game to complete and continue my build.

Item Build:
1st item : Start With Dorans Shield - If the enemy team is melee / harass heavy (Ex: Master Yi, Twitch, Jax)
1st item: Start With Dorans Blade - If the enemy isnt melee heavy, but extremely squishy (Ex: Twitch, Ryze, Ashe)

2nd item: Buy B.F. Sword - If you have gotten or assisted on first blood (ONLY BUY THIS IF YOU HAVE GOTTEN OR HELPED WITH FIRSTBLOOD ON YOUR TEAM!)

2nd or 3rd item: Buy Phage - If you have not gotten first blood (if your team didnt get or you were not involved in the firstblood kill)

3rd item: Buy Boots of Speed - Buy this after phage or bf sword (Buy Phage after B.F. If you got firstblood)

4th item: Finish Frozen Mallet - Finish this after you buy boots

5th item: Buy Either Boots of Swiftness or Berserker's Greaves - Buy either of these if you have a hard to chasing or running away (Swiftness) or having a hard time getting enough melees in, or you arent having trouble with running. (Either of these can work, although any boots can work with this hero)

6th item: Buy Stark's Fervor - Buy this for very good aura and the lifesteal and attack speed buff. (This works with your W and it really helps with your attack speed and surviving a fight longer)

- The rest of your build depends on how well your doing -

7th item: Buy Warmog's Armor - This is if your dying a lot, and are having trouble surviving throughout team fights.

7th item: Buy Black Cleaver - This is if your not having trouble surviving, and if the other team is stacking armor. This will stack with your passive on your ult.

- Sell Dorans At Any Time Before buying Warmogs or Black Cleaver -

8th item: Buy Atma's Impaler - Only buy this if you bought Warmog's Armor for extra dmg

8th item: Buy Last Whisper or Infinity Edge - Buy either of these (At this point game should be ending soon or already ended) for extra dmg or to work with your black cleaver.

Ending Item Build 1 (Possibility):
Boots of Swiftness
Frozen Mallet
Stark's Fervor
Black Cleaver
Last Whisper or Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge or Last Whisper

Build 1 Stats (Without Runs):

2.8k health
1.5 Attack Speed
302 Attack Dmg (80 Extra With Vicious Strikes)
40% Armor Pen (Without Cleaver Stacks and Ability)

Average Build Cost:

Ending Item Build 2 (Possibility):

Boots of Mobility
Frozen Mallet
Stark's Fervor
Warmog's Armor
Atma's Impaler

Build 2 Stats (Without Runes):
4k Health
1.2 Attack Speed
218 Attack Dmg (100 Extra With Vicious Strikes)

Average Build Cost:

- Runes -

I go Flat Attack Speed and Health Runes. These both work with all of his skills and work really well early game. Attack speed and health work with his W ability and they also work with his E to give him more survivability to allow him to use it more without dying often with it. It also allows him to get down and dirty early game and helps you late game.

- Masteries -

I go Phreaks masteries. Reasons?
1. Gives me Armor Pen
2. Gives me the extra health i need to go with my runes to get dirty early game.
3. Gives me the Defensive bonuses i need
4. Gives me all the offensive masteries i need

If i find a better build i will post it.

Yes, this was a short build. but it works really well with this hero. I will post strats and tactics later on when i have more time. If anyone wants to check my account and profile to see how i do with Olaf please feel free. Yes, i admit i have had a few bad games, and yes i admit that i have tested other builds. But, olaf thrives alone early game and thrives with the team end game. Without a good team he cant do much defending against a full team of enemies. Please feel free to judge and help me with my guides i would love some help and some tips on how to make them.

Please add me for any questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!