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European / American

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one friend of mine got some problems with updating the LoL, so he decided to uninstall it and start again. He downloaded the European ,Windows version. Before he didn't have to decide so he thought that one will be the right one...

After instaling it and downloading all the patches, he cannot log to the game. He tryed more times so it's not problem he forgot something, he told me it's the only password he uses on everything.

Now he don't know what's wrong, can anybody help ?

EDIT : Sorry, I tryed to search on the forums and I found this.

You cannot transfer your account. It sucks, because in my experience a majority of the players are European, and play with the lag just because they started on the US servers during beta.

I recently restarted on the EU client since a friend started playing. Missing the heroes I bought/was given, but oh well. I have no idea why they decided to split it in the first place.

To answer your second question, yes you will need to download the EU client.

But there is nothing mentioned in FAQs around here in new players, nor in General disscusion, as far as I know. It would be nice if you could add it as advice for some players who ain't that informed.

thx, and sorry again.
You can lock this.

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He can't login becuase he downloaded the EU version, and he is registered ofr the US. tell him to download the US version and he can continue to play with his previous account.