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An Expert's Guide to 'Noobs'

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Experts Guide to Knewbs

Hello everyone! My name is Richard and I am a noob. I hope you’re having a great week.

Great, now the introductions are over I'd like to elaborate a little on a topic that's really been bugging me. The way people behave in this game (and others to be fair).

Community is a big deal in League of Legends (LoL) and even more so, team work. Winners have aspects of both firmly under their belt.

I'm very sick of being treated badly or even just seeing others being treated badly for very silly reasons and I felt it worth explaining to people, why people are the way they are.

That's right. The complexities of a game like this seem to be straight forward to some and yet the social side of friendly conversation and teamwork don't always seem to come so easily.

So now we've all been introduced, let's discuss..

Part One: Look it up, rubadub!


In actual fact, this is all you need to know. If you're playing a game of any kind with fellow human beings (or aliens if you're reading this post first contact), humility is pretty much your trump card.

Let me put it to you this way, if you're humble and people make mistakes in game, at least you didn't make yourself look foolish by being rude to someone without having all the facts.

Part Two: Get all the facts.

So you're in game and there's someone you're itching to yell at for being what you call a ‘noob’.

Firstly, noob isn't in the dictionary, neither is it on wikipedia, so you're going to want to avoid colloquialisms as best as you can when dealing with people you've never met before; especially given the international culture. You don't want any misunderstandings!

Secondly, don't even bother. So, someone sucked or made a mistake, we all do; I’m going to guess that yelling at them or insulting them probably didn't fix the problem. In fact it probably either had no effect at all, upset them, made them hit a few keys including 'o r e forward-slash i g n' though not necessarily in that order or possibly even made them not wish to play anymore.

That's not good. If you're now being ignored you have no future options to rationally discuss in game tactics or to help them develop their game towards unanimous victory.

Oh, I know! If they're such a freakin' noob then we don't want them to play! Right? Wrong.

This is a community; we want lots of people involved. It makes the game more fun, it makes the game more successful, which in turn makes RIOT more successful as they have better results, potentially make more sales and that means more features, games and who knows what else in future.

Part Three: Being branded a 'noob' doesn't make someone an idiot

I've been called a noob, I dare say most people get called a noob, nab, nub, whatever, at some point. But speaking for myself, I have a masters degree in physics; I'm not an idiot.

So why do people get called noobs? Well that's because they don't conform to the play style other people approve of.

Here's another buzz word for you 'bigotry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigotry)'. That's right, not everyone in game plays the same way you do, so don’t expect them to.

People play differently, with different ideas, builds, styles, masteries, runes and personalities. This is based on who they are as people and has nothing to do with you.

To put it simply, if you're calling someone a noob because they did something you don't like, you might want to think carefully about how you treat them. They didn't make that choice in any relation to yourself so you should be careful when judging them against your standards.

Part Four: Being Constructive

I don't know if you like or have even heard of 'Flight of the Conchords' but here's an excerpt of their comedic lyrics:

Other rappers diss me
Say my rhymes are sissy
What, what, what, why, why, why?
Be more constructive with your feedback!

To be honest, that's pretty much accurate this situation too. Calling someone a noob, as I have said probably achieved nothing. Insults of any variety, rarely do.

Explain a new tactic, suggest new ideas and new methods of play. Ask people things they have tried before and suggest things that have worked for you that could work for them and that giving it a try could be fun or interesting. Just don’t patronise them.

For one, if you do this, it makes you sound as awesome, knowledgeable and intelligent as you play (you are AWESOME aren't you!?) and secondly it's a refreshing alteration from just yelling "noob" or something to that effect.

Part Five: Expectations & Being Awesome

As I just mentioned, you're awesome at this game right? You never make mistakes and you never get called a noob.

If you're perfectly amazing at this game then I understand your frustrations that others aren't as amazing as you. If you're not, pipe down and remember that you're as flawed as every other player, including the ones you're insulting.

Part Six: Practice games are practice.

If you're in a practice game, a good rule of thumb is, don't insult anyone, ever. It's a practice game. I expect to see level 30s in a practice game falling flat on their face because they've never played a certain champion before.

Even if you grasp the basics, a practice game is there for learning not winning. It's for fun, not controversy.

Play with bots? Sure, but the bots (sorry Riot) aren't that great, and nothing beats learning against a team of aggressive fellow players.

Part Seven: It’s a ‘kids’ game

LoL is ESBR-T, that means I expect to play against anyone aged 13+. Maybe some parents will let their children play at younger ages but I cannot condone or stipulate to that. So let's assume we're playing with teens and above, because you really wouldn't want to be a grown person insulting a child, would you? What's WRONG with you!?

So you're playing against other people aged 13+. If you're in your angsty teen years I can understand some immaturity and frustration, but it doesn't mean you're allowed to be an idiot. There's plenty of respectable, clever and reasonable teen gamers. If you don't think you are one, please do the rest of us a favour, grow up for 40 minutes (or however long your game lasts) and make it a great game for everyone if you can, much appreciated.

If you're a grown adult as I and many others are, please try to be one. You're playing with people that are minimum 13 years old that's pretty young, really. You might not be a parent but if you were, I'm sure you'd have concerns about the people your kids play games with. Cut us all some slack as a community and ‘play nice’ as much as possible.

As an added note, if you're an adult and can't act sensibly enough to fit into this age rating, then you might wanna go back down to E-rated games 'til you're ready to join the big kids.

Part Eight: The 'off the shelf' demographic

On the same note as before, you're not playing DOTA anymore (as much as we love it).

You're playing a game that can be bought off the shelf in a store. People that pick up this game might have never played a similar game. At best they played Warcraft Triple or Command and Conquer or something to that effect. Not everyone has played DOTA and I dare say LoL is quite a different beast to DOTA anyway.

The point being, don't expect everyone to be as good as you. People that have picked this game up off the shelf don't know how to play and it takes a long time to learn the basics, let alone the statistical complexities of a game like this.

Additionally, people pay hard earned money to play this game. If you don't know the value of your country's currency because you don't work for your cash. Consider those that do respectfully please.

Part Nine: Language

I'm not even talking about swearing, mature people can handle that and there's even an in game filter. I'm talking about in game communication. You might be playing with someone who speaks a different language. Accommodate people that don't speak English.

Additionally, one thing can mean another to someone who doesn't know you. A ping on the minimap can mean, 'an enemy is here' it can also mean 'let's all go here as a team' or it could mean 'I am going here alone' in fact it could mean a plethora of things. Many of the operations you take for granted in game, others will not and you simply cannot expect them to know without additional communication.

Part Ten: There's a difference...

I hate to spell this out but there's a difference between...

* Yelling and explaining rationally and sensibly.
* Playing as a team and 1vs5 because no one wants to play with you.
* Making friends and being insulting.
* Experts and beginners.
* You and everyone else you meet; we're all individuals.
* The in game techniques you play with and the ones others do.

And many more...

Part Eleven: For the ‘noobs’

If you always get called a noob, remember humility. Try to understand those that are being this way. Some people will always be like this and that's ultimately their free choice.

Freedom is important. If you didn't like how you were treated, endeavour not to be like them.

Part Twelve: Bias and Losing Your Temper

So I just came out of a game in which Shen fed, he claimed to have never played the champion before. It was a practise game, so on the whole I just kept my cool and did my best. I was playing a new champ too and probably not performing amazingly.

It brought a new point to mind so I have decided to illuminate a few extra points that this discussion has brought up.

If you're on a losing team, particularly if it's just practise, and you're frustrated that one person is a 'noob', I often notice people are only a few moments away from just calling everyone in the team a noob. That's right! People jump to conclusions. Have you ever been in this situation?

Just because a team is losing isn't an excuse to blame everyone else. If one person is causing the loss, you don't even need to blame them. As people in this thread have mentioned, they're probably well aware as they're terrible with a champion or doing it intentionally.

But when people start insulting their whole team (usually unnecessarily), they're not only upsetting the balance of communication required for victory but they're also making themselves look arrogant.

Essentially, they're passing on a message to everyone else on the team and if they're using /all the entire game that says "I'm amazing, the only reason I'm losing is because my team sucks and isn't like me." To everyone paying attention, they probably look like as much of a jerk than the people they're blaming if not worse. Few people like stuck up predjudism.

Part Thirteen: Kids will be Kids

An important message is being raised in the discussion here. Sometimes you're in a game and someone is just awful. It happens constantly and often. Firstly if this is causing you a problem make sure to read part six very carefully.

If this is happening and you're not in a practice game, it's up to you to behave as you want to in the gaming environment. But I'd recommend you take a tip from a pro four year old GTA gamer (http://www.bitmob.com/articles/my-four-year-old-son-plays-grand-theft-auto).

Needless to say some people will sometimes feed, stumble, and on the whole ruin the chances of your team's success and they just wont listen to you. I'm not an expert in human behaviour or education so I wont suggest the best methods for dealing with trouble makers. I will however, suggest you make one great consideration.

Are these people doing it intentionally or are they doing it out of ignorance?

Kids will be kids, some people will mess about in game for the sake of it. People get their kicks in weird ways (http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/703251/top_10_weird_sexual_fetishes_and_paraphilias.html?cat=7). Sometimes it's best to take a deep breath, suck it up and let it happen. They're probably doing it to get on your nerves and you're better than them, right?

If they're just ignorant, pity them. Maybe one day they'll change but if they don't, I'm confident they wont last long in this game before they find a more appropriate past time (https://www.tubemogul.com/public/secure_img/1245181759412-32173-ATHF01x13DumberDolls.avi-1-10.jpg). Unfortunately someone will always replace them.

If you like this game and you want to be a part of the constructive community, play to set the example. I'm trying to convey the idea here that no matter what happens, it really doesn't improve the situation or reflect your superiority to start being rude to other people who do behave like this; it really does make you just as bad if not worse. They might be playing a prank on you, but you're rude to strangers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomacy).

Part Fourteen: Playtime is Precious

As I mentioned in another part, people pay to play this game. Some of the people that pay, work for their cash. Anyone who has a full-time job knows that it takes up a fair bit of your time. Any adults with a family will probably feel the same about that. If you have both, good luck finding a spare moment.

My point is, people don't always get to play the game for hours on end. If you do play for hours on end (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/tennis/article-1289045/WIMBLEDON-2010-Nicolas-Mahut-John-Isner-resume-10-hour-epic-tomorrow.html?ito=feeds-newsxml) you're probably a lot better at this game than someone that doesn't. To make matters worse, your game might improve over consecutive games, but taking day long breaks to go to work can have an effect on your skill.

The point here is to give people the benefit of the doubt. If you're awesome and you've racked up a million or so LoL 'air miles'. Remember that not everyone has the luxury of free time.

Part Fifteen: Further Expectations

I just wrote this in response to a discussion in this thread. It reminds me of my teenage years when I failed with women and my friends said I had 'too many expectations', I sure learned my lesson.. Oh and the wording here is fun; I recommend reading this slowly.. :P

If you expect people to expect your insults, then equally you should expect people to expect you to expect to lose sometimes and deal with it without a hissy fit. Else stop having expectations so **** much! It goes both ways!


So that concludes my story for the time being. Feel free to discuss with me and each other and feel free to let me know if you think I should add anything to this. I hope this wasn't too much of a rant. I hope to play with lots of you in game. I'm sure I have a lot yet to learn.

- Richard

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Bravo, Richard, bravo.

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You know, it's funny. I feel better for having posted this already :P

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well i don't notice much about that on lol Now hon would be a diffrent story but i <3 the lol community

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Yellow Jester

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the ping thing is SO important.

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yellow jester:
the ping thing is so important.


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well i don't notice much about that on lol Now hon would be a diffrent story but i <3 the lol community


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A bit heavy on the emphasized statements. It sounds like some sort of overzealous advertisement.

But I do agree with just about everything you said. It would be nice if players contained a little more civility and sportsmanship.

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Good Guide

I especially like this part...

So why do people get called noobs? Well that's because they don't conform to the play style other people approve of.

hehe colloquialisms even tho it is ironic it might be a little bit to big of a word for "noobs"

Also whenever I hear some one being called a noob I can't help but think that everyone was a noob at one point. So don't get down on em, and I personally would rather be a noob than a jerk.

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Well-written and thoughtful, Richard. I hope people read this and take it to heart.

I stick by a few simple rules when in-game:
1. First person to complain is the worst person on your team. No exceptions.
2. Boasting or name-calling after you've won makes you a d-bag. No exceptions.
3. Ask people why they're using item A vs item B. I used to just say "A is bad, use B." Explain why A is better than B, don't just whine about it.
4. Try to help people if they're struggling in a lane, etc. Don't just leave because they're 'bad'.

In general, just be an excellent person, regardless of teammates/opponents.