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Akali, the Assassin Ninja

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Kino Reldon

Senior Member


So, we all know that Akali is made to be an assassin and should be able to take out enemies very quickly and skillfully enough so that she can get away without dieing.
In this guide, I'm going to talk about three main things, your summoner spells and order of each move you should get, your item build, and your playing style. So first and foremost, lets get to your summoner spells and skills.

Ok, I've found that having Ignite, Exhaust, or cleanse are all really good spells for Akali. The reason you don't want flash is because of your Shadow Dance move, it itself is a good way to attack and escape other opponents.
Ignite: I tend to usually have this spell for the extra damage, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a kill by igniting someone who's just barely out of reach and if you get the improved ignite mastery, it gives you an extra 10 AP points when you use it.
Exhaust: Pair it with Ignite and you'll either save one of your buddies in the beginning of the game, or slow down that one champion long enough to kill him. I mean, we all know what Exhaust will do, so there isn't much need to explain it here.
Cleanse: Now, this spell is by far one of the best surprises to pop on someone, or to save your own ass from dieing. Obviously, it removes all negative buffs on you and that includes Ashe's ulti stun, snare's, health drains, and slows.

Now, I tend to start off with Akali's mark spell and then getting the crescent slash at level 2. At level 3 I get the shroud spell. Now, some people will say to level up all of her spells equally, or get crescent slahs up maxed first then the mark, but I always alternate between the mark and the slash until they are maxed, getting the shadow dance whenever you can. The shroud's slow doesn't increase per level, and just popping it down is enough of a scare factor sometimes to push the enemies back. So, here is a nice run down of how I get the skills.
1. Mark
2. Crescent slash
3. Shroud
4. Mark
5. Crescent slash
6. Shadow Dance
7. Mark
8. Crescent slash
9. Mark
10. Crescent slash
11. Shadow Dance
12. Mark
13. Crescent slash
14. Shroud
15. Shroud
16. Shadow Dance
17. Shroud
18. Shroud
Now on to the items.
Long sword: This should be your first item, because it will give you your spell vamp passive right away.
Brutalizer: I build the long sword into this because of the extra damage and the cooldown reduction.
Boots of Swiftness: This is going to save your life many times, if you have cleanse then you can pop out of the slows or stuns and continue to escape, or pop your shroud for an extra few inches between you and the enemy.
Hextech gun: If you don't have enough for the gunblade, get this one before the scimitar so that you can have extra spell vamp and more ap in your bursts.
Hextech Gunblade: This is perfect for Akali, not only does it give both damage and Ap, but it also gives both types of life steals, so now you can get health back from everything you do.
Rylia's scepter: If the game is going on long enough, you need to get this item. It will get you a slow on all of your spells, and Akali most definently can use these slows to her advantage, pop a mark on someone chasing you to get away, or shadow dance someone running away to get the kill. And its Ap boost is good too.

Most games don't last long enough to get a fifth item, but if it does, work on something that will help you in the match, if you are dieing too much, get health and a little defense, if you aren't dealing enough damage, get AD items, or if you just want to make the enemy cry, get more AP for your burst damaging.

The reason I don't suggest stacking items like the soulstealer, is because it isn't as solid and reliable as the other items. If you aren't getting kills then those stacking items just aren't going to cut it compared to other items.
There are three main things you need to remember about Akali, the first is that she is a melee champion, thus she has to get close to enemies in order to attack them. The second to remember is that she is squishy, and the third thing to remember is that she can deal damage in massive bursts, and not over a long time period.

In the beginning of the game, you should have your long sword and should lane with a ranged champion or someone who can help harass without dieing. You are most likely not going to get a kill until level six, when you can successfully tower dive without dieing by using the shadow dance. Your main goal for the first six levels is to harass enough so that you either, get a kill, push them back to tower hugging, or make them return to base. Do not go for a kill unless you know you are going to get it. If they are by the tower, don't go for it.

However, once you hit level 6, the fun will begin for you. A combination of shadow dance and shroud can keep you alive for a good long time. You want to hit the weaker champions first if you decide to gank or kill your laning opponents. Removing that squishy opponent will lessen the amount of damage you take when running away, for if you attack the non-squishy there is a chance that you won't kill them, and you'll have two enemies on your tail instead of one.

Akali is all about knowing when to attack and when not to attack. If you can burst one enemy and kill them, then maybe you can hold your own against his buddy, but most of the time you won't. Another thing to note is that you shouldn't ever go alone as akali towards the late game. Always tail one of your allies so you can jump in and save them multiple enemies, or pop a shroud so he can run while the enemies are slowed.

Thats pretty much all I have for Akali, I am not a high enough level to vouch for a decent masteries build and rune page build, but I tend to go offensive for Akali getting magic penetration and attack speeds, and ignoring the critical damage and hit masteries.

Tell me what you all think, and I hope you all get your ninja skills ready, for you are going to need them for Akali, the assassin.