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Kennen, The Bolt of Lightning.

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Well, I guess I'm here to get a little feedback on my build and aswell at the same time give someone who might not be dealing enough damage or surviving long enough early on a chance to learn him a bit better. Anyways onto the guide.

Now to start off, Kennen has multiple weaknesses that may be made up for late game but some people new to Kennen may not catch onto them quickly, he starts out with relatively low health and does a bit of minor damage compared to some other champions, so I reccomend.


Flat Health Quintessences
Dodge or Flat health Seals
AP per level Glyphs
Flat Magic penetraition Marks

I highly suggest the Magic penetraition for early game killing or harassing, and the late AP usually gives you a slight edge on your enemies, but we also need to focus on our masteries so let's jump into that next.

I run an odd 10/19/1 but for good reason I'll explain after I list the masteries.

In offensive

Archmages Savy 3/3
Deadliness 1/1
Sorcery 4/4
Burning Embers 1/1
Archaic Knowledge 1/1

In Defense ( I'm missing five points but I know where my points are going. )

Resistance 3/3
Hardiness 3/3
Evasion 2/4
Defensive Mastery 1/2
Harden Skin 3/3
Veteran's Scars 4/4
Ardor 3/3

In Utility

Haste 1/1

Now for Offensive I feel like I'm maxing out the damage I can deal with massive penetraition and AP, I'm sure most would agree, Defense simply makes up for Kennen's low resistance and health early, along with the quintessences, Utility is almost self-explanitory, he's a ninja, he's squishy, he needs to go in and get out.

Now that Kennen isn't as flimsy as he usually is early game I'll be giving an Item build, I know it may not be the best and I'm willing to edit it if I need to, I just hope to give something the community may like.

Item Build & Reasoning
Dorans Shield - +120 Health, +8 Health regeneration per 5 seconds, +8 Armor

I use Doran's shield as an easy farming tool as it allows Kennen to stay in range for his shurikens to land a hit on the minions and if he needs to he can take a few good hits from almost anyone, it's an item to keep you in your lane for 10-20 mins.
(I start off with Doran only when I go solo-mid, just to say, you might want to pick up boots for going laning with a partner.)

Boots of Swiftness - Movement speed +3

This is where you either can become a very speedy ganker ninja or a sucessful farmer, it's okay to leave the build here depending on who you are facing, I'm usually farming still at this point where I grab this item, it helps with more harassment and you may be able to pull off a kill at this point.

Nashtor's Tooth - +50% Attack Speed, +50 Ability Power, +25% reduced cooldowns.

Nashtor's tooth is a great item for Kennen at this point as it synergizes with both his Cooldowns and his passive on his (W) key move. He deals extreme damage mid game if you bring up enough money to grab this item, this is where I usually enter the ganking phase depending on my team.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - +35 Attack Damage, +45 Ability Power, Passive : On attack or spell cast, increases your attack speed by 4% and ability power by 6, lasts 5 seconds. ( Stacks up to 8 times. )

About the same as Nashtor's tooth, it synergizes well with his (W) it also counts as two hits when his (Q) is launched, giving him a quicker build up on Guinsoo than most, since his skills are spammable. I forgot if his (E) gives a stack onto it aswell, I'm almost sure it does on activation.

The game usually ends by now so I'm just going to give reccomendations for next items, without effects since it's early and I feel lazy, I might edit this later.
-Zhonya's Ring
-Warmog's Armor
-Force of Nature
-Rylai's Crystal Scepter


To continue I'll give my skillbuild aswell

1: Thundering Shuriken(1)
2: Electrical Surge(1)
3: Thundering Shuriken(2)
4: Lightning Rush(1)
5: Electrical Surge(2)
6: Thundering Shuriken(3)
7: Slicing Maelstrom(1)
8: Electrical Surge(3)
9: Lightning Rush(2)
10: Thundering Shuriken(4)
11: Lightning Rush(3)
12 : Electrical Surge (4)
13 : Slicing Maelstrom (2)
14 : Electrical Surge (5)
15 : Lightning Rush (4)
16 : Slicing Maelstrom (3)
17 : Thundering Shuriken (5)
18 : Lightning Rush (5)

My Skill-list changes often, this is what I remember it as, sorry for giving a variable to the build that might make it harder to play, Shuriken is always first though.

(Early game) I suggest going mid, farming all you can and harass the other person out, but don't go out of your way to harass them, just do it as they get close enough to be shurikened by your skillshot, otherwise just farm up until you grab pieces to your Nashtor's tooth,but if they are very aggressive and you can pick them off don't be afraid to drop them like a fly. Theres not much I can explain here but play it safe, don't get too cocky and try to keep your health.

(Mid-Game) should be the ganking phase for you, unless your team is really rocking them hard, so I suggest letting a stun teammate drop in while you wait in a nearby brush, or better yet in the forest, as long as their not a heavy nuker that's been fed you should be able to pick off some easy kills, get some extra gold and continue on to get guinsoo's rageblade or Nashtor's tooth.

(Late-Game) I find it never gets to late game without one side totally dominating but support your team unless you're heavily fed, focus anyone who can cause heavy damage to you, your team needs to focus stunners or the burst damage dealer, but that's another variable I cannot control for you, your playstyle is yours. I'm sorry but I cannot show you really without using a video. ( I need to download hypercam -.- )

I'm open to feedback and other builds being viable, I'm sure guide will be looked at once and probably tossed further down into the pit where no one will find it, since I posted it so early in the morning, but who knows.