Curious about a shaco build

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Ok, my main dilemma here is I feel I'm not doing enough DPS as shaco.

I start the game off with a sapphire crystal and 2 hp pots.

I go run around, gank, stay back and harass etc.

Then after a little while, I get sheen and beserker greaves.

I eventually try to build a phantom dancer, I get zeal, and it basically builds into that.

After that, I just get malady.

Then after that, I'll generally get last whisper if theres a team with lots of armor.

My only problem is, while I may hit fast, It takes me virtually forever to kill, even a clothie. I've seen some other shaco's use items like madreds razor and stuff like that, should I consider investing in it? Or if anyone has a build (preferably not with a AP shaco) that would be nice.

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You've already identified your problem.

Malady and Berserker's Greaves... then you're adding Phantom Dancer... for what? Your taking a weak base attack and making it really fast. That doesn't accomplish much.

You need more actual damage items. Also, Stark's Fervor is leaps and bounds better than Malady, so lose that. Berserker's Greaves are completely overshadowed by... any other boots; lose those too.

The Phantom Dancer isn't bad, but it should come, in my opinion, after you've actually built up some real damage.

Madred's Bloodrazors are used often because, if I'm not mistaken, the 4% of max HP bonus damage applies to your clone as well, leading to some really tremendous bonus damage potential.

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Cloth armor + 5 hp pots
razors + boots/mobility
Sword of the occult

This is mostly my build, it varies a bit. Sometimes I get an early sotO, starks etc. I've played shaco a lot, and this is the build I've made. Sheen just isnt worth it, try brutalizer! I'm also experimenting with the lantern, cause I like to ward etc.

Also, if your playing vs 3+ physical dmg champs and/or have no tanks, go sunfire shaco!