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Kael - how to build since changes?

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I find kael incredibly lackluster as a herokiller since the patch that changed her ult amongst other things.

Previously, with cooldown reductions you could bring her invuln to a 12 second cooldown, this may partly be the reason for the changes? (I should point out that i did not find this op or gamebreaking, atleast not with the build i was using, it was vital)

The change to reckoning isn't the worst thing that happened to kael, but it sure is dissapointing, the new passive is fairly useless.

Her ranged attack is pretty bad now, the duration and removal of bonus damage on it leaves it in a pretty sorry state.

So, build kael as a tank/support? Her heal (once it gets fixed) is great early game and the ult could swing team fights, still, as i write this i ask myself if i really want to ever play kael again and sadly the answer is no, i gave it a chance and she feels completely different, there are other heros that can do most of what she does or similar, and for less of a cost (the cost is a seriously gimped hero).