Twitch is awesome.

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What's with all the Twitch bashing?
People are so quick to judge a champion without actually playing it. As long as you follow a methodical build with Twitch I don't see why he can't be a top tier champion.

Ambush and Boots of Mobility allows me to neutralize points closer to the enemy side. DP and Ambush if people attempt to (ironically) ambush you.

If Twitch and someone else are defending at the Windmill, with stealth Twitch can use his team mate as bait by faking a 1v2.

Spray and Pray is perfect for those attempting to capture. Especially when they're all half health. It is best used in the grass area at the Windmill while not stealth-ed. Hit them a few times, DP and SP if they begin to chase you, then stealth when they're close, if they decide to cap again, expunge.

And forget life steal. It's useless when the death rate on Dominion is high. You can go to the health point in the jungle and gain half your HP back.