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Help me my Gangplank game.

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Flak Maniak

Senior Member


Alright, so when I play Gangplank, I get a Chalice, boots of Mobility usually, Infinity Edge, Ghostblade, Sheen... The usual suspects. But I always feel like, beyond Ghostblade and Infinity Edge, I really don't know what to get for more crit, because other crit items always have stats I'm not that interested in, like attack speed on Phantom Dancer, or life steal on Executioner's Calling, etc. Should I just go ahead and grab Phantom Dancer because I need the crit rate?

But runes... Should I just get crit chance runes? Armor pen runes? Attack damage runes?

What about quintessences? I'm nearly level 20, so I'm gonna start getting T3 runes then. Don't have any runes yet. I'm thinking crit rate Quintessences, because they're 3.something percent, which is excellent.

As for masteries, I have ally nineteen of my points in offense. Gonna get Havoc when I hit level 21... I think beyond that, though, I'll reach out into another tree. Not sure which. I'd probably get the improved Ghost mastery, because I always run with Ghost. So I guess utility. What do you guys use for mastery builds?

Edit: And when I realized the typo in the thread title, I tried to change it to "Help me up my Gangplank game.", and it didn't work.