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(Skin Suggestion) Party Animal Gragas

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LOL I'm prbably not the only one too think that: "Hey, the fatman is playing again," or "XD bahahaha Hey, look Scuba Steve is lost after looking for his dietary shake...again!! (everyone laugh and point)" ...Well I'm not :P and what I think riot could do to make Gragas cool again is to make a Party Animal skin for him.

Gragas should be wearing:

  • A little cone hat (for his more junior appearances),
  • A hawaiian shirt (for his more Pacific appearances),
  • Shorts (...need I say more),
  • Sunglasses (his eyes are sensitive the next morning from his partying last night),
  • Carry a Silver Steel-Keg (instead of a barrel),
  • Every time the keg explodes party hooters go off (he brings the party with him).

Need I say more...No.